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AquaPhys - Hydrotherapy

Servicing area

Revesby, New South Wales

Focus areas

Stiffness First aid training WorkCover Muscle tone Stress management Love


The word Hydrotherapy literally means ‘Hydra’ (water),’Therapeia’ (healing). Records as far back as 2400BC show the use of water for therapeutic purposes.

Today, Hydrotherapy or Aquatic Physiotherapy as it is also known, is simply a type of Physiotherapy treatment, which is carried out in the water by a Physiotherapist.

You may be more familiar with traditional Physiotherapy sessions performed in a clinic, where the Therapist applies manual techniques (eg. mobilisation, stretches, massage) to the injured body part. The very same techniques can be applied in the water.


We know that your injury affects you in many ways. Not only are there physical problems of pain, stiffness and immobility but there are also the lifestyle implications. Loss of work hours, difficulty performing household duties, trouble playing with the kids, time off sport, weight gain and the list goes on.That’s why you can expect to receive individualised treatment to help you get back to your normal life quicker. You will be assessed and your injury treated specifically. This is followed by the provision of a personalised exercise program during every visit, tailored to your needs.To achieve this, your Therapist is in the water with you during every consultation and not on the side of the pool.


There is a science behind what happens to your body when it is immersed in water. But what does this mean for you? It means that you experience:

• Reduction in pain
• Decreased muscle spasm
• Decreased swelling and improved circulation
• Increased movement and flexibility
• Increased muscle strength
• Improved co-ordination
• Improved cardiovascular/respiratory fitness
• Improved psychological well being and motivation.

Water is often the best medium to allow you to receive treatment and exercise quite vigorously but with little stress on the joints.This is sometimes too difficult for many people on land due to pain, age and deformity. Best of all, many of the benefits mentioned above can be achieved at the one time during a single treatment session, ensuring you feel better, faster.

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  • Bappsc (exercise & Sport Science)
  • Bappsc (physiotherapy)

Professional Membership

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)
  • Physiotherapy Board Of Australia

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