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Kate Smyth

Athlete Sanctuary Pty Ltd

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Hi I’m Kate, Sports Naturopath, Olympian and Founder of the Athlete Sanctuary. Thank you for checking out my profile.  I provide targeted health strategies, performance nutrition and holistic running coaching for athletes who strive to be their best. I'm passionate about providing individualised healthcare that gives you realistic, practical and effective advice for YOU and YOUR UNIQUE situation.  My food first approach enables you to regain energy and hit performance targets. Quality supplements and synergistic herbal medicines may also form part of your comprehensive treatment plan when applicable.

Athlete Sanctuary Sports Naturopath and Nutritionist

Servicing area

Online and servicing Ballarat and central Victoria, Geelong, Torquay and the Surf Coast

Focus areas

Trauma Energy Microbiome Health issues Hormones Microbiome testing

I may be a good fit for you if your concern relates to:
  • lack of energy,
  • anaemia,
  • sleep,
  • hormones,
  • digestion,
  • bone health,
  • sports nutrition and hydration
  • recovery
  • adrenal and thyroid function
  • endurance running.

My consultations are thorough, and I seek to find underlying causes that help solve your unique health puzzle.  My evidence-based approach includes investigations using pathology testing, nutritional analysis, mineral testing, Dutch hormone testing, microbiome testing, thyroid function testing and physical examinations.

Having been an athlete I understand what it is like. I feel it is important to empower individuals to make smart nutritional and health decisions that assist with immediate performance gains but also long-term health. I support all athletes including vegans and vegetarians.

Feel free to make contact if you are ready to see and feel some positive changes!

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