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Natural Solutions for PMS/  Menopause & other Menstrual Disorders

Betterhealth Naturopathic Clinic - Menstrual Irregularities

Many women accept pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) & other menstrual irregularities as a normal part of life.  In reality, menstruation should not cause any significant interruption to everyday living and symptoms of PMS or painful periods are a clear sign that your reproductive system is not working as well as it should be.
At the BetterHealth Naturopathic Clinic located in the heart of Joondalup, we are trained to help you. If when you read this page you begin to nod in agreement make the decision to stop being controlled by your hormones – it’s time to turn things around so that you are in charge of them!
We will not only help you get your hormones in order but we will teach you how to stay in control. 
Given that most women will menstruate for around 35 years, the value of a regular, symptom-free cycle should not be underestimated!

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Don’t wait anymore – it’s time to balance your menstrual cycle today

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS is the most common female hormonal imbalance affecting up to 75% of women at some time in their lives.  Medical texts define PMS as a group of physical and psychological symptoms that occur in the second half of a woman’s menstrual cycle, between ovulation and the onset of menstruation.

Psychological symptoms of PMS

    • Mood swings


    • Irritability, anxiety and nervous tension


    • Depression


    • Mental confusion, poor concentration and forgetfulness


    • Fatigue


    • Insomnia


Physical symptoms of PMS



    • Headaches


    • Altered appetite – especially cravings for sugar, alcohol and fatty foods


    • Physical fatigue and weakness


    • Changes in libido



Why do we get PMS

PMS occurs due to imbalances in female reproductive hormones, in particular:

    1. Low levels of progesterone throughout the cycle with elevated oestrogen during the second half of the cycle.


    1. It can also be related to “bad” oestrogens and not enough “good” oestrogens.  Oestrogen exists in different forms in the body, some of these forms are good for the body and are essential to female reproductive health; other forms are not and are associated with PMS and other menstrual irregularities.


    1. High levels of another hormone called prolactin may also be involved.


Various other factors can also play a part in influencing hormonal balance and causing PMS.  These include stress, diet, weight issues and a thyroid dysfunction. Speak to Claudia about  your personal circumstances.

Painful Periods    

Dysmenorrhoea or painful periods are very common.  Dysmenorrhoea literally means “difficult monthly flow.”  Symptoms of dysmenorrhoea include:

    • Moderate to severe abdominal cramping beginning at the start of the period and lasting 8-72 hours


    • Lower back and upper leg pain


    • Headache


    • Diarrhea


    • Nausea/vomiting


High oestrogen levels throughout the menstrual cycle, or too much of the “bad” oestrogens are thought to be a primary cause of dysmenorrhoea by stimulating excessive production of compounds called prostaglandins, which cause inflammation, cramping and pain

Irregular Periods

Amenorrhoea is the absence of a menstrual cycle during a woman’s reproductive years for reasons other than pregnancy and lactation.  Oligomenorrhoea refers to infrequent or very scant menstruation.  Amenorrhoea and oligomenorrhoea can transpire for a variety of reasons, including hormonal imbalances, low body weight, stress and/or over exercising.

Heavy Periods

Menorrhagia is the term for excessive and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding (longer than nine days).  Most often, menorrhagia is associated with hormonal imbalances such as too much oestrogen, too little progesterone or excessive amounts of “bad” oestrogen.


Qualification Details

Post. Grad.Dip. Nutritional Medicine (Mental Health)
BHSc. Complementary Medicine
ADv. Dip.Complementary Medicine (Functional Nutrition)
ADv. Dip.W.H.Medicine
ADv.Dip. Naturopathy
Physiokey & Laser Therapist (Pain Management)

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