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Supporting your mental health

Betterhealth Naturopathic Clinic - Mental Health

Servicing area

Servicing Joondalup and Northern Perth suburbs.

Focus areas

Wellbeing Hormonal imbalance Menopause Mental health Pain management Assessments

Experiencing stress, worry and mood change are not uncommon. What this means is you are not alone. Claudia will give you the necessary support to increase your tolerance to everyday stressors, manage any mood imbalance you may be experiencing, and most importantly give you the tools to put you back in the driver's seat to live our best life. Supporting your mental health and wellbeing is the first step to balance.

Imbalances in our mental health are not limited to a specific age, gender or race, with both men and women feeling the effects of stress, anxiety, panic, depression and irritability at some point in their lives.

At the betterhealth clinic in Joondalup, you will experience and benefit from professional care. Claudia holds a BHSc. in Complementary Medicine as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition for Mental Health. A natural approach to mental health and balance is always desirable and at our clinic Claudia has worked hard for the past 12 years to create programs that can be further individualised to your particular needs.

The betterhealth clinic guarantees you the use of only quality practitioner only products that will not interfere with current medical care you may be receiving.

Mental Health Program

1/Provide you with the core nutrients required for your needs
2/ Relieve any stress-related symptoms you may be experiencing (treatments vary from person to person)
3/ Provide healthy eating tips to support your nervous system and overall wellbeing; and
4/Develop mood and stress management techniques

We may use questionnaires, symptom assessment and other techniques to help determine the appropriate support for your individual response to the stress.

    • We will aim at modulating the physical symptoms to reduce the of them driving ongoing stress; and

    • Support the "headspace" and energy to implement dietary and lifestyle improvements.

What Drives Stress?

Chronic Stress strongly affects every system in your body, with ongoing or poorly managed stress increasing the risk of experiencing potential health consequences.  Stress may affect:

    • Mental wellbeing and mood;

    • Sleeping patterns, e.g. your ability to fall and/or stay asleep

    • Energy levels

    • Digestive function;

    • Cardiovascular function, such as your heart rate and blood pressure, and

    • Reproductive hormones

Therefore, it is important to manage your stressors in addition to your physical response to stressful situations, in order to ensure balance and health are maintained.

Everyone is unique in how they respond to and experience stress. 

Claudia will help you to identify the causes of your stress, but also the impact that the stress is having on you physically and/or mentally that may or may not be obvious. 

These may include:

    • Inflammation

    • Oxidative Stress

    • Gut disturbances

    • Sex hormone and Thyroid imbalance

    • Weight Management

    • Poor Sleep




Nutrition Nutrition
$140 Per session

Our nutritional services are focused on specific areas of care: 1/Nutrition for digestive health that include detoxification programs that renew health & vitality by 1/Reducing toxin burden 2/Support for detoxification pathways -offering liver, gut, kidne

Business Hours

We're open 3 days.


9:00 am To 6:00 pm


9:00 am To 6:00 pm


12:00 pm To 7:00 pm


  • Bachelor of Health Science In Complementary Medicine (Charles Sturt University)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma of Functional Nutrition
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
  • Postgraduate of Nutrition and Mental Health

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