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Bianca Wolff

Bianca Wolff

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Holistic counselling

Interpersonal and Sexual development

Energy healing


Bianca Wolff


Diplomas in holistic counselling, complimentary therapies and community services, reiki master with 8 years disability support experience and 14 years tarot reading experience.

Having a personal understanding of complex trauma and chronic illness has given me the strongest drive to find alternative ways of helping people heal. Many health professionals have a 'one size fits all' approach where individual symptoms are targetted rather than underlying causes. I see peoples mind, body and spirit as intrinsically connected and their relationship to themselves, others and the world around them as one big web where true wellbeing can be cultivated.

Much of my work focusses both on embodiment and what some might call hypnosis, trance-work or our subjective subconscious. This is because I strongly believe that our rational, everyday thinking self is so activated during most of our life, that it can go into overdrive and often gets in the way of our healing. While many exercises I engage people in include working with the rational mind to understand 'what's going on' and how to help, there is also an often untapped reservoir of intuitive wisdom that can be found when we get out of our way and let the body and our subconscious speak.

Getting the balance right is key, therefore my client-focussed work is holistic in nature and allows people to improve their lives from many angles at once.

Sexuality has been made a taboo and this cuts us off from our bodies and our creative expression. Many people find themselves experiencing feelings of shame, that erode self worth and the ability to act confidently and joyfully in the world. The work I do sees sexual expression as a natural part of life and so my services are completely shame-free, lgbtqi+ friendly, kink and poly friendly. 

Please contact me or visit my website for more information.


Tarot Readings:

15 minute reading - $30

30 minute reading - $50

1 hour - $80

1 hour and 30 minutes - $120

In person or long distance via email, Skype, Facebook chat and telephone.

Holistic Counselling and Complimentary Therapies

Single Session, 60 mins  - $120
Pack of 6 - $600

Either in person or via skype.

Precious Object Readings

This method of reading has been passed down to me through generations of women, and involves the client bringing 7 precious and portable objects with them to the reading. At this stage all these readings are done in person only.

They take roughly an hour and cost $80

Kink Rituals

For one person, couples, larger relationship configurations and groups/events.

Contact for more info.

For further questions or to book email

Qualification details

Diploma in Holistic counselling, diploma in complimentary therapies, diploma in community services. reiki master certificate.

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