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Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies

Paula Owen

Level 1, 98 Bathurst Rd
Katoomba NSW 2780

Servicing area: Katoomba, Penrith, Western Sydney and the whole mountain region

Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies

Remedial/Hawaiian Massage for Women


Pre & Post Natal Massage


Katoomba Clinic

Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies - Massage

Massage for Women


Paula has worked extensively as a professional massage therapist for over 30 years. Working & networking with other practitioners including chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga teachers & health practitioners. Includes training & teaching a range of massage workshops to massage therapists in Australia & Hawaii. Incorporating Hawaiian cultural arts and performances with school children and at a health resort.

Remedial Massage & Traditional Hawaiian Massage

Remedial massage is a therapeutic treatment that offers a range of benefits. Some of the benefits women can experience from receiving ongoing Remedial massage sessions include:

    • Reduced back pain


    • Removing tension related headaches


    • Increased ease of movement


    • Maintaining muscle tone & flexibility


    • Relaxation & softening of injured, tired & overused muscles


    • Reduced blood pressure


    • Strengthening Immune System


    • Better nourished skin


    • Enhanced quality of sleep


    • A calmer mind


    • Reduced levels of anxiety


    • Increased capacity for inner reflection


Traditional Hawaiian massage & their cultural practices of the healing arts, includes; lomi lomi as a healing massage & spiritual practice traditionally conducted on the chiefs/kahunas and included traditional chants and dance (story telling). The massage ritual often lasting up to 10 days, performed on a stone slab and involved several practitioners. Traditionally one of the main purposes of this elaborate sacred ritual was to seek guidance from the Polynesian gods & godesses to then be conveyed to the tribe in their every day lives. Due to a decline in hawaiian traditional cultural practices, hawaiian practitioners began teaching westerners and modified the massage practice to suit a shorter time frame. I was taught a modified form of lomi lomi massage as well as other cultural hawaiian traditional practices. I attended an intensive training in Hawaii for 1 month and a 6 month training in Australia. I only incorporate lomi lomi massage techniques using forearm and flowing movements as therapeutic techniques and for the purpose of nurturing the client. 

I incorporate remedial massage techniques & hawaiian massage techniques in therapeutic sessions with women clients.

Pre-&Post Natal Massage

There is no other time in the life of a woman where her body will go through such significant change in the short space of 9 months. These physical changes will affect women different throughout each trimester. A Pre Natal-Massage is specially designed to suit the physical changes of pregnancy. Pre Natal-Massage can start at around 12-14 weeks of being pregnant. A massage session is customised according to the trimester and needs of every mother.

Benefits Include:

    • Reduced back pain & postural discomfort


    • Stimulate circulation & lymphatic drainage


    • Relaxation & reduced stress


    • Relieve discomfort on weight bearing joints & maintain range of movement


    • Reduced fluid retention & cramps during pregnancy


    • Emotional support & nurturing


Post Natal Massage is also open to mothers who need some recovery following birth. Methods are applied to help in promoting structural re-alignment of the spine and the pelvis. Post Natal Massage is also able to reduce fatigue following giving birth and support women throughout this time of mothering.

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Qualification Details

Advanced Remedial Massage 2004
Pre & Post Natal Massage Certificate 2004
Pre & Post Natal Course 2001
Certificate in Aromatherapy 1997
Diploma of Remedial Massage 1995
Training & Certificate in Hawaiian Massage ( Aust & Hawaii) 1993
Certificate in Swedish Massage 1987

Member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
1990, # 1956


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