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People who want an effective path to a meditative state and freedom from the constraints of a busy or distracted mind.  

Voicemoves - Meditation

  • Utilises voice and instruments to facilitate awareness and deep relaxation.

  • Explores sacred sounds from a wealth of traditions, developing a personal understanding of their energetic blueprints.

  • Teaches you how to bathe yourself and others in healing sounds, inspired by your ‘essence’ or ‘Source’ energy.

What is Voicessence Meditation?

Voicessence meditation utilises a range of “portals of sound” to attune, align, uplift and nourish the being.

The focus is not simply the development of the voice, although vocal resonance often develops as we align with our ‘radiance’ or ‘essence’.

Viocessence meditation incorporates toning, chanting, sacred sound, mantras, visualisation, ‘vibrational upshifting’ and subtle yoga practices.

What are some of the key advantages and benefits of Voicessence Mediation?

Toning and chanting open us to loves presence, taking us to a deeper space filled will relaxation and openness than we ordinarily feel. Our emotions and our energy become balanced bringing us into resonance with our natural state of radiance.

The body becomes relaxed, the mind will become still, resistance is alleviated and consciousness is expanded. A more powerful presence our true nature or ‘essence’ is discovered, bringing improved freedom and depth of ‘be-ing’.

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