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Chandana Ayurveda

Chandana Ayurveda

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Sowing the seeds of your radiant health Chandana Ayurveda draws on a range of Ayurvedic treatments to curate a personalised healing plan that meets your unique needs. There are three streams of treatments – Massage, Oil and Steam as outlined below. Hypnotherapy, Marmapuncture, Panchkarma and specific exercise and diet programs for hips, knees and osteoarthritis management are also offered.

Chandana Ayurveda Health & Healing - Consultations and Treatments

Focus areas

Full body massage Sinus Hypnotherapist Love Long term illness Facial

One-on-one consultation

Be guided through a comprehensive review of your symptoms and constitution (Doshas) to detect the early signs of imbalance. The process draws on a range of techniques including; in-depth case taking, tongue reading and pulse analysis, lifestyle assessment and sometimes even a tarot reading. You will receive a personalised healing treatment plan via email following the consultation.

An initial 60-minute consult is $130.


Abhyanga - the ultimate massage experience

The Abhyanga full body massage is a highly nourishing, relaxing and therapeutic treatment which balances you on every level.

This warming nourishing treatment for the whole body, opens your energy flow through the entire body channel system, re-establishing a balanced flow in the Nadi energy channels and the Marma energy points.

The hot stone therapy on the back body and a head massage provides a deeply relaxing experience which calms the mind.

Sound therapy at the end clears any released blockages from chakras and greater energy field. Pacifies all three Doshas, is Rasyana, builds Ojas and clears the lymphatic system.

Abhyanga is very beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, aches and pains, insomnia, restlessness and more.


  • 90 min $135 oils included
  • incl 20 min steam $160

Kati Basti - for lower backs

This nourishing and warming treatment is excellent for addressing lower back pain, sciatica, bulging disc, menstrual issues, menopause discomfort or infertility. 

A Basti (dam), made out of dough, is placed on the lumbar region and filled with a warm medicated oil with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 

Treats sciatica, constipation, menstrual issues, lower back pain and discomfort. Oil is required to be purchased for this treatment. Pacifies Aparna Vata


  • 40 min $85
  • Incl head & back massage $125 Incl full body massage $220
  • Medicated oils $ 15 

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