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Meet the Founder of Chandana Ayurveda

Karina Thullesen is a highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioner with great love and passion for ancient medicine. Karina has completed in-depth studies in Ayurveda with Dr Roopa Rao at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine in Perth; at SDM Dharmasthala Ayurveda Hospital in Udupi, Karnataka, India; and with renowned Sydney based Dr Rama Prasad. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine, a Certificate in Hypnotherapy and has completed postgraduate studies in Marmapuncture/ Ayurvedic acupuncture. Karina is also a qualified 200-hour vinyasa flow yoga instructor and a hypnotherapist.

Karina draws on her extensive knowledge to curate personalised healing programs for clients designed to balance and rejuvenate the body and mind. She uses pulse and tongue reading as well as extensive case taking for a thorough Ayurvedic assessment.

She provides close monitoring and coaching throughout the healing process to help you achieve your goals. By equipping you with the knowledge and practises to optimise your health through dietary and lifestyle measures, such as a personalised exercise, yoga and meditation program, you’ll be supported to form a new and healthier way of being.

Karina draws on a lifetime of healing practice. She started her yoga practice at age 20, spent her 20s studying and applying the art of Astrology and Tarot reading. She trained with a Shaman for 4 years and with Uranus School of Holistic Therapies in Aura reading, Jungian dream analysis, energy healing and massage in the early 90s. Karina lived in a Spiritual Community in France La Domaine de Fan with spiritual teacher and energy workmaster Michael Barnett and has since lived in Fremantle Western Australia since 1994.


  • I had burning in my joints and could feel the inflammation building. I undertook my first-ever detox with Karina’s special guidance and constant advice. I never felt hungry and now all the pain has gone. I have more energy and am more conscious about what I am eating. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and gentle encouragement.
    ~ Gail ~
  • The treatments and care that I have received by Karina have been exceptional. Her ability to utilise a multitude of skills for healing and pain relief have been so effective for my health. I highly recommend working with Karina for better health and well being.
    ~ Lea ~ 
  • “Karina teaches you to stop when you need to stop, to listen to yourself when you need to listen to yourself and how to nourish yourself through your food, your lifestyle and meditation so you feel more energised and not depleted. Chandana Ayurveda has been a nourishing blessing in my life.”
    ~ Olivia~
  • “Twice now I have received a Panchakarma treatment by Karina. Each time I have felt renewed, strengthened and cleansed not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

    Karina is a sensitive, intuitive and experienced therapist. I recommend her treatments to anyone of any age - I am 71 and it certainly rejuvenated me and miraculously cleared my debilitating headaches.”
    ~ Lyndy ~

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