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At Chandana Ayurveda we offer individualised care and support; to achieve optimal health or healing from disease can be a joyful and exciting journey.

With the use of the ancient practice of Ayurveda we will help you along on this journey and offer you the tools needed to be successful long term. Come and learn about your Dosha's and how simple it can be to use food & spices you anyway have in your kitchen and common sense lifestyle to stay in a balanced state of health.

Let us show you how the food you eat can be a major factor in your journey to optimal health. Eating the correct foods at the correct times and intervals can help you combat some of our times most debilitating conditions; Fatigue, stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, hormonal dysfunction, obesity, lowered immunity, menstrual problems, debilitating menopause symptoms, sinusitis, diabetes Type 2, immune function disorders, infertility and many more.


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