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Chandana Ayurveda
Treatments and massages are an ideal way to nourish all body tissues as well as re-balancing the mind on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Massages and Treatments - Chandana Ayurveda

July/August SPECIAL only $80 for 1 hour facial treatment

1 hour Ayurvedic facial includes an Indian head and shoulder massage cleansing scrub and pamper mask. All beautiful natural products and Ayurvedic herbs prescribed for personal skin types. Very relaxing treatment is deeply nourishing as well as helping skin detox and shed old cells. Replenishes the derma, restores suppleness and brings back a youthful glow.
May be combined with facial acupuncture to help restore a healthy flow through the Nadis, also known as cosmetic acupuncture.
add 30 min

Ayurvedic warm oil massage

The ultimate massage experience. Is very therapeutic and balancing on every level. Treats any aches and pains in the body. Opens the energy flow through all the channels and is deeply relaxing. It calms the mind and treats Vata imbalances. Medicated herbal oils are used. Full body incl Indian head massage 80 minutes


The Indian Acupuncture based on the Ayurvedic system of health. Marmapuncture or Siravhedanam or Marma Chikitsa is a gentle needling therapy that is designed to unblock the body's energy channels. Nadis, the subtle channels running all across the body supplying every cell and every tissue with Vital force, Prana. At times Nadis get blocked which can cause imbalances that can lead to disease. By needling or applying heat or pressure to certain points, Siras or Marmas, along the Nadis, energy blockages are removed.

The river can then again flow freely, thus disease is prevented or treated. Marmapuncture is in nature very similar to Chinese acupuncture. The main difference being that in marmapuncture the aim is to be as gentle as possible.

In Marma Chikitsa the gentleness of the therapy and the combination of points used, help the patient fall into a space of deep healing. Certain extra points and Chakras are used in the treatment to open up the Akashic flow for enhanced healing.
Approx 1hour
For the 1st Marmapuncture session extra time is needed for case history taking

Hot stone massage

A very nurturing warming massage especially good in the colder seasons. 1 hour

Aroma Therapy massage

Although not a traditional Ayurvedic treatment the Aroma touch massage is a beautiful ethereal experience that touches body and soul. Is ideal for those who prefer a very light touch massage. The oils are applied directly to the back in a particular sequence designed to evoke bliss and total relaxation. This massage is an almost hypnotic experience and has been known to activate vivid dreaming.
We use top quality essential oils by Doterra -1 hour total.
Courses and demonstrations are also available for the Aroma Touch as is the purchase of high quality pure essential oils. please enquire

Kati Basti

Includes a back massage. A Dam is made out of dough and placed on the lumbar region. Warm medicated oil is poured in and exchanged with warm oil when needed. Treats any lower back pain, sciatica, disc problems, menstrual issues, menopause discomfort, infertility etc. Kati Basti is a very nourishing warming treatment. The oils are anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
1 hour incl back massage or 30min when following full body massage.

Shiro Dhara

Warm oil poured continuously on the forehead. Is considered the most relaxing Ayurvedic treatment. Helps settle the mind, treats stress, insomnia, High Blood pressure, balances Vata etc.
Includes a head, neck and shoulder massage 70 minutes following Full body massage 30-40 min

Pinda Sweda

A very nurturing and building treatment. Rice boluses are used for massaging the body with warm milk, oil and special herbs to help restore muscle strength and vitality. Is especially good post injury, post natal or after any trauma to the physical body, chemo therapy and long term illness.
Includes a back massage - 70min.

Steam Box

20 minutes seated in a steam box will speed up metabolism, help weight loss, muscles and joints, dry skin, detox the body. Is great after a full body massage and is integral in the Panchakarma detox regimen.


Nasal oil drops applied into both nostrils following a head and face massage and steam. Is a very effective treatment for all head and sinus problems. Sinusitis, chronic or acute, blocked nose, hay fever, headache and asthma. Is sometimes combined with marmapuncture to achieve very fast healing.


The traditional Ayurvedic detox regimen. It involves diet, treatments and purging. Needs to be done under close observation by Ayurvedic practitioner. We offer consults that will set out a detox plan and preparation for Panchakarma. Treatments and daily support is available. This will be a highly individualised program based on symptoms and signs as well as previous detox experiences. Our approach is very gentle and nurturing. Some smaller pre-detox regimens may be needed before the major purges such as for example a liver/Gallbladder cleanse or a colon cleanse. An initial consult is essential for this treatment. Can be done over a week or 10 days, or longer if needed.
Residential in house Panchakarma programs are available for individuals or small groups. Please inquire

Ayurvedic Cooking

Recipes, classes and demonstrations are available on request.

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