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Creating Pathways

Becky Carver

Thornbury VIC 3071

Creating Pathways

Do you find it difficult to settle your mind and to calm intrusive thoughts? Are you curious about meditation and how it can benefit you? 

Creating Pathways - Meditation

Meditation provides innumerable benefits to the mind, body and the spirt. On a physical level, meditation lowers blood pressure, lowers the level of blood lactate which effectively reduces stress, anxiety attacks, removes any tension related issues, such as tension headaches, insomnia, ulcers, joint and muscle issues, enhances levels of serotonin production that improves behaviour and mood, assists the immune system and enhances energy levels as you gain an inner source of energy.

On a mental level, meditation is effectively able to bring about the brain wave patterns into an alpha state. In this state, healing is enhances, the mind is clear and fresh, beautiful and gentle. Meditation practiced regularly decreases stress and anxiety, happiness and creativity improves, emotional issues become stable, intuition develops at an increased rate, issues seem smaller and clarity of your mind is enhanced.

How can Creating Pathways help with meditation?

I am a strong believer in the healing power of meditation and I love to share the benefits of meditation with all my clients. I provide a weekly meditation class on a Monday night at 7:30pm. Every week has a particular and unique theme.

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