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Shirley is a Psych-k Facilitator, Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Practicioner and works with the Australian Bush Flower Essences and Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Esseances and other forms of Vibrational and Spiritual Healing. As an Intuitive Healer, Shirley connects to your Higher Self/Soul, to channel a personal healing session for your highest good in accordance with your Soul plan. When you work with Shirley, you can experience PSYCH-K (Belief Reprogramming), THE EMOTION CODE & THE BODY CODE, CRYSTALS, FLOWER and GEM ESSENCES, NLP AND SPIRITUAL ENERGY to assist you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life. Any one of these modalities is a powerful catalyst for positive change, and when combined the results are truly amazing!!!

Crystal Energies - Psych-K - The Emotion & Body Code - NLP

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So many people don't understand why their life does not look the way they desire it to. Why they get so stressed, angry or overeat, or why they can't seem to make the changes that they want to. When we change old beliefs and programs at a subconscious level by working with Psych-k, it is then possible to consciously create new positive perspectives & beliefs. We can hard wire in a positive belief to replace the one that was not working for you. This can dramatically change your life. You may be aware of outdated emotional responses like anger, self pity, denial or even giving in to keep the peace. If we leave these issues and their negative responses unchecked, they can manifest as emotional and physical illness. Once we establish what it is that is holding us back in any area of our life, we can begin to create the life we dream of for ourself by working with Psych-K and other techniques I offer.
I love to work with The Body Code, which was created by chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson. He has discovered after 25 years in practice that there are 6 main areas of imbalance that can create illness. They are Toxins, Pathogens, Health & Nutrition, Misalignments, Energies and Circuits and Systems. I use muscle testing to ask your body what is causing your issue that you have come to work with. Be it anxiety, illness, not being able to reach a goal, like get fit and for anything you can image. There are 118 maps in the Body Code System within the six main categories of imbalance, and is the most comprehensive healing tool available. ..

Carl Jung stated that "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate".

''My main desire is to help you to understand the reason for illnesses or emotional and energetic blocks and imbalances. This will then assist you to heal these and move forward in your life with positivity, clarity, empowerment and inner peace.''

Your Session - $190 (2 hours)

Geelong Region or Distance Healing Sessions Available

  • Crystal Therapy Healing
  • Psych - K
  • Metatronic Energy
  • Flower Essences

    *Each session runs for around 2 hours and you receive a bottle of Flower Essences to work with to support your vibrational healing.

    Our Energetic System

    We are a combination of mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy that make up our physical body. We have 7 major energy centres along our spine called Chakras, which correspond to specific organs, bodily functions, emotions and nerve centers.

    We can imbalance these chakras when we continuously unconsciously or consciously suppress anger, guilt, fear or any negative emotions. This can negatively impact our organs and glands, by blocking the natural flow of energy to them. This impaired energy supply can cause imbalances to and weaken the organs and glands, which can then become susceptible to dis-ease.

    Different emotions are created and stored in different organs, and our cells respond to every thought and emotion we have. It is important to deal with our anger or stress, so that we do not project it out onto others, and so it does not make us sick.

    Finding the cause of stressful patterns...

    Finding the subconscious roots of stressful patterns we have created, helps us understand why we react the way we do. Common wounds we suffer from in childhood are rejection ( usually from a same sex parent ), abandonment ( usually from the opposite sex parent ),shame, humiliation ( which may be attributed to excess weight ) and betrayal. It is important to have compassion for yourself and your feelings as you travel within, and to be gentle, patient and loving on the journey of self discovery. It is very important to have a daily routine of grounding and protecting yourself, which I teach all of my clients that do not already do so.

    To heal, your spirit and your will must work together. To heal effectively, you need to address the source of illness or negative emotions, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. I believe dis-ease is a physical manifestation of negative emotional wounds, that have been suppressed over time. This is usually done because they are to painful to deal with.

    Feelings of not being loved, accepted or understood by your family, anger, fear, negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions are all toxic to your health and can suppress your Immune System. If you learn to focus on the lesson a particular incident or illness has come to teach you, as opposed to the pain and hurt, which is the physical manifestation of it, and you are willing to forgive yourself and anyone else involved, then it is possible to be free of the physical manifestation (illness etc). You must heal from within. If you are not willing to forgive yourself and others, you can become stuck in victim consciousness, and the only person being punished is you. To move forward, you must first let go of the past and stop looking back. When we open our heart to healing, we can remove the pain that obscures the harmony and knowingness of the soul that resides within.

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9 Services

Essences - flower, crystal, environmental.

less than 1min
Crystal Therapy Energy Healing Spiritual Healing Flower Essences Women's Health Men's Health
$20 Per course

Essences are vibration support to transform energy from dark to light, negative to positive. I stock Australian Bush Flower and Light essences, Alaskan crystal, flower and environment essences and other ranges too.

Emotion Code

Energy Healing
$190 Per session

Uncovering and releasing trapped emotions or inherited emotions.

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