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If you need Reiki or want to learn Reiki, we have it for you.

Reiki & Reiki Training

Servicing area

Brighton & surrounds, plus Australia wide & International via Skype

Focus areas

Central auditory processing Hearing aids Tinnitus Arthritis Adoption Anger management


Reiki is an amazingly gentle and profound way of relaxing, reducing the tension in your body & improving your energy levels. The universal energy (Reiki) is transferred from the practitioner and into the client through the exchange of energy/heat/chi via the hands. The practitioner will hover their hands or place them on the areas of the client’s body that most require the energy. The energy given to the body helps to stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities. Anyone and anything can benefit from Reiki as universal energy flows through all living things.

Benefits of Reiki include

  • Balancing & clearing Chakra's
  • Promote feelings of relaxation
  • Release tension, revives your whole body - Physically, Emotionally & Mentally
  • Clear Meridian blockages
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • And more.

Reiki Training

Available Courses

  • Reiki 1: The Initiate Level
  • Reiki 2: The Practitioner Level
  • Reiki 3: The Advanced Master & Teacher Level

Private Reiki course can also be arranged.

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Professional Membership

  • Australian Kinesiology Association

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