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Christopher Michaels

Destiny Hypno Coaching

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Experience something new that contributes to your spiritual growth.

Destiny Hypno Coaching

Servicing area

Newtown, North Sydney & Randwick NSW

Focus areas

Wellness Fitness Loneliness Love Stress Management Joy

Support Your Spiritual Growth

Your life is worth more than what you do after day in North Sydney NSW. Destiny Hypnotherapy & Coaching helps you improve your spiritual experience and increase your personal satisfaction through recreational hypnosis.

This type of therapy increases your focus while limiting your awareness in the conscious state. It blocks out all external distractions as it connects you with your innermost feelings.

Recreational hypnosis, when tailored to your personal needs, is an effective strategy for improving your relationships, health, career, and other areas of your life that are being treated. 

By working with us and taking us through your personal experiences, you're guaranteed to receive a transformative experience imbued with clarity.

Book an appointment to learn how recreational hypnosis can provide you with fresh experiences.


3 Services


7hr 30min
$200 Per course

1, 2 & 3-day Workshops on various subjects - relationships, intimate and public communication, energy play, active mindfulness, ethical spiritual business practices and more. Prices vary.


1hr 25min
$220 Per session

We help with intimate relationships (including improving sexual experiences such as failure to experience orgasm, premature ejaculation, & communication) anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, motivation for fitness & weight loss, loss of purpose. We us


  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling

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