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Dynamic Body Therapy provides a warm friendly environment offering a number of physical and energetic therapies to enhance your health and well being. TO FIND US Take lift 1 at the Collins Street entrance opposite The Hopetoun Tea Rooms to the first level, there is a small set of stairs down to a corridor where you will find us at the end.

Dynamic Body Therapy

Servicing area

Melbourne, Victoria

Focus areas

Stress Management Circulation Sprains Physical pain Sinus Relaxation

Our therapists are qualified and highly skilled in their respective fields. They bring experience and knowledge to their clinical practice, and are dedicated to helping clients achieve the physical and spiritual benefits of integrated health care.


Dr Shari Trimble - Osteopathy 0414 413 149
Dr Paul Turner - Osteopathy 0417 110 755
Camille de Niese - Massage, Kinesiology & Lymphatic Drainage
0419 319 098


Kinesiology uses muscles testing to help determine the health and/or dysfunction present in each individual. In accordance with Eastern medicine, different muscles in the body are associated with different organs, physical and energetic systems and emotions. The ability of the individual to properly engage these muscles gives the Kinesiologist an indication as to what aspects of ones physical, energetic and emotional self need support and treatment in order to help relieve pain and stress.

The use of Kinesiology also helps to determine what type of treatment and/or remedy would be most effective in relieving pain and stress for each individual.

Our Kinesiologist incorporates a variety of different therapeutic techniques to support the individual through their healing process. Some of these techniques include:

Remedial massage
Pranic healing
Flower essences
Nutritional guidance

Kinesiology can be used to treat a broad range of health concerns including:

Physical pain and dysfunction
Emotional and/or work related stress
Changing negative thought and behavioural patterns
Learning difficulties
Digestive and nervous disorders
Nutritional issues

If we accept that we cannot change others but can really only change ourselves then Kinesiology can help us find new ways to change our attitude to pain and stressful situations in life and also shift the negative thought and energetic patterns that often keep us trapped in self defeating patterns of behaviour.

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Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage is a gentle technique used to promote the flow of lymph throughout the body. The gentle pulsing techniques of lymphatic drainage can be use to move the lymph through the vessels towards the lymph nodes and ultimately back into the blood circulation.
Lymphatic drainage relieves fluid congestion, oedema and toxic build up eg. swollen legs or ankles, puffy eyes, fluid retention due to PMS.
promotes healing of wounds, fractures, torn ligaments, sprains and strains
helps clear recurring infections such as colds and flu
can improve conditions such as sinusitis, hay fever, rheumatoid arthritis
can reduce stress, anxiety and tension
helps reduce cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks
pre and post operative cases, boosts the immune system and can speed up recovery from surgery

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Massage - Deep Tissue/ Relaxation/ Remedial
Remedial therapy aims to treat the primary cause of one's pain and dysfunction and assist the body's natural healing process through the use of various soft tissue techniques including:

deep tissue and sports massage
trigger point therapy
myofascial release
joint mobilisation
exercise prescription

Postural assessment and orthopaedic testing may be used to help gain insight into the possible causes of one's condition. In addition, complimentary therapies such as lymphatic drainage, cupping and touch for health may be used to provide a holistic approach to treatment encompassing the mind, body and spirit connection.

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Osteopathy is a holistic based treatment using the hands to correct tissue & joint abnormalities. It is aimed at restoring physical & mental wellbeing and thereby making it easier for the body to use its own recuperative powers to heal itself. The treatment goal is to improve circulation, reduce muscle spasm, improve flexibility, maintain nerve supply & restore muscle/joint harmony.

How does osteopathy work?

Osteopaths work with their hands using a wide variety of treatment techniques such as:

Massage and stretching techniques
Articulation techniques, in which joints are mobilised by being passively taken through their range of motion
Muscle Energy techniques, in which contracted muscles are released by alternately being stretched and made to work against resistance.
Positional Release Techniques, which achieve release of restriction by placing the affected joint or muscle in a position of comfort, while applying a stretching release to the opposing muscles.
Functional techniques, which involve gentle mobilisation of joints in a way which "nudges" barriers to normal movement until a way is found through the restriction
Manipulation, which may be used where it is appropriate and safe to do so, though it is not the mainstay of most Osteopathic treatments. Osteopathic manipulations are carried out using minimum force levels in order to maximise safety and minimise patient discomfort
Many Osteopaths also use what is known as cranial technique, which is a gentle release technique particularly, suited to young children and the physically frail.
Visceral techniques are used in the management of conditions affecting internal organs. These involve gentle and rhythmical stretching of the visceral areas

Osteopathic treatments are tailored to the requirements of the individual patient, and techniques are selected which are appropriate to the patient's needs


Kinesiology/ Remedial Kinesiology
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $130

Lymphatic Drainage/ Massage - Remedial/ Deep Tissue/ Relaxation
30 minutes $55
45 minutes $70
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $110

Initial Consultation (60 mins) $100
Standard Consultation (45 mins) $85
Short Consultation (30 mins) $65

Consultations can include a combination of treatments where appropriate

Health Insurance Rebate
Osteopathy, Kinesiology and Remedial Massage treatments may be covered by your private health insurance. For your convenience we have HICAPS for fast Osteopathy claims on the spot.

Gift vouchers available

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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