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Colon Hydrotherapy at Easter Colon Health offers myriad benefits, some of which include: Increased energy and mental clarity, Improved sleep patterns and removal of dead bacteria post antibiotics. 

Easter Colon Health - Colon Hydrotherapy

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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as Colonics, are a safe and gentle internal cleansing process. A Colonic involves and infusion of filtered, purified water into the colon via the rectum. The result is that the colon is flushed and hydrated, waste material and impacted faecal matter, bad bacteria, excess mucous, gas and toxins are moved as a result of the process.

Colon irrigation is a revitalising and detoxifying treatment, assisting in the restoration of bowel function which can be affected by stress, dehydration, lifestyle and dietary choices, medications, lack of exercise and parasites over time.

A healthy, well-functioning bowel is imperative to the maintenance of optimal health.

The benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy:

All of the cells and tissues in the body are fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. As a result, the bowel should be taken into account when considering our health. Toxins from the bowel are able to enter and circulate in the bloodstream, leading to a range of health conditions, ailments and even diseases.

Colon Hydrotherapy will flush waste and toxins from your bowel gently.  It gives the detox process a boost and is the catalyst for a cleansing reaction throughout the body.  The bloodstream is cleaner and the immune system enhanced. Colonics also improve muscle tone in the intestinal walls and assists with nutrient absorption into your body.

What to expect from a Colon Hydrotherapy session

 Your initial appointment at Eastern Colon Health involves a discussion about your health and the reasons for your visit. This will assist us as we tailor a program to suits your personal needs. Your first appointment will have a duration of approximately 1.25 hours. Your subsequent appointments will be around an hour. The Colonic treatment takes around  45 minutes.

 Once your medical history has been taken, you will lay on a massage table. A speculum will be inserted into the rectum with tubing attached. The tubing is then attached to the Colon Hydrotherapy machine. The treatment involves purified water entering the bowel through one tube, while water and waste are released through another.  There is no smell, no noise and no mess.

 Our qualified, experienced practitioner will be present during the entire procedure, adjusting water temperature and activating the ‘fills’ and ‘releases’ depending on how you respond to your treatment. This means that your treatment outcomes are optimised. Your abdomen will also be massaged with aromatherapy oils to help your body to release as much waste as possible from the bowel wall. If you choose, you can see the eliminations as they happen via a viewing tube. This is most often the highlight of the session and gives us a lot to talk about! We use the Closed system - you can read more about this different systems on our website. http://easterncolonhealth.com.au/colon-hydrotherapy/


Do you have questions about whether Colonic Hydrotherapy is right for you? Call Eastern Colon Health, visit our website, or click on one of the buttons below to make contact.

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