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Elise Clement

Servicing area: Potts Point & Sydney NSW

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More than being easy on the eyes, a clean home or office offers many health benefits.

Clean and Lean: Home & Office Organisation

Cleaning and Decluttering for your Wellbeing 

Your environment affects your thoughts, actions, energy and overall wellbeing. Elise Clement offers Clean and Lean, a decluttering program that helps residents and business owners in Potts Point NSW maintain an organised and livable space.

By clean, we mean an exhaustive clear-out of your home or office, especially the removal of toxic substances or the reduction of your exposure to them. Once we are finished cleaning, we can proceed to doing the ‘lean’; the process of decluttering and organising your living or work area.

Benefits of Clean and Lean

  • Empowers you to make healthier choices for your family
  • Declutters your home or office
  • Supports your health
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Clears your mind
  • Allows you to see what matters most to you and your family

How It Works

It’s not only the people in Sydney who benefit from Clean and Lean, as Elise offers this program even to those in far-flung areas. She holds online sessions with them via Zoom.

During a session with Elise, she helps you assess the key areas in your house or office, and identify your priorities. After you’ve decided what to keep and what to dispose of, it will be so much easier to organise and optimise your space.

Cleaning, decluttering and organising do not only create a comfortable home or work space, but they also help you make better choices for your family and yourself.

Book an appointment so that we can start rearranging your home or office in a way that supports your health.

Elise Clement