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Elise Clement

Elise Clement

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Have you been working with your practitioner for some time but have yet to see any positive results? Elise can provide you with the tools and guidance that will lead to your success.

Holistic Wellbeing, Nutrition & Lifestyle Changes

Servicing area

Potts Point & Sydney NSW

Focus areas

Food sensitivities Love Stress management Well-being Self-care Lifestyle

Understanding Holistic Wellbeing

Staying healthy by following holistic healthcare methods may sound like a big phrase, but is actually very simple. As a qualified wellbeing consultant in Potts Point NSW, Elise Clement can help you regain control over your health through natural remedies.

If you’ve always wondered if there was a step-by-step procedure you can follow to create lasting changes to your health, the answer is there absolutely is. 

Whether you’re planning to conceive a baby, going through postnatal care, receiving treatment for your gut from a naturopath or working with another practitioner, Elise can help you develop an easy-to-follow wellness plan for keeping your health in perfect condition.

Benefits of the Holistic Wellbeing program

  • Optimises your health
  • Makes you more responsible for monitoring your treatment plan
  • Spares you from feelings of frustration for not receiving immediate answers to your questions during appointments with your practitioner
  • Equips you with the knowledge and tools that exceed the benefits of your current treatment 

How It Works

Since our Holistic Wellbeing program aims to support your existing treatment plan, Elise will have to determine first what it is you are being treated for before she can recommend any lifestyle changes. 

In the initial phase of the program, she will collaborate with your practitioner to gather information about your treatment protocol. From there, Elise may proceed to developing a plan that is most suitable for your health. She will take you through the four key factors of the plan:

  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Movement, Rest and Play
  • Family, Connections and Support 

If you have food sensitivities or need to follow a strict diet, Elise can show you where to shop for the best food ingredients and provide resources for healthy recipes.

Book an appointment to learn all the secrets in maintaining an excellent health the holistic way.


  • Diploma Of Positive Psychology
  • Functional Nutrition Graduate
  • Certified Human Potential Coach

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