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Dr. Emma Vanheems

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Servicing area: Elsternwick, Victoria

Live, Dream, Believe with Fertility support at Elsternwick Acupuncture and Natural Fertility Clinic.

Fertility Support

At Elsternwick Acupuncture & Natural Fertility Clinic, we provide a range of modalities for fertility support . Whether you’re attempting to conceive naturally or with the help of help of assisted reproductive technology, we are here to support you in every phase of your journey.


Acupuncture Before and After IVF Transfer

The protocols we utilise within our clinic are the same as those utilised in clinical trials.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum

At Elsternwick Acupuncture & Natural Fertility Clinic we will carefully assess all of the emotional, physical and nutritional factors that may be affecting your pregnancy. After your evaluation we will develop an individual treatment plan that is specifically designed to address your concerns and pattern disharmony, helping you to achieve your unique health goals. We will also work through a course of treatment for you – it may be a few treatments or you may choose to make it a routine part of your pre and post-partum self-care.

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