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Phoebe Allwell

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Build better relationships. Improve awareness, maturity & response-ability for better personal growth & the best relationships.

Relational Gestalt Therapy

What is Gestalt Therapy?

A longer form of psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy has been considered as the most comprehensive system of personal growth and development program. It aims to promote awareness, improve maturity, and increase “response-ability”, which is the ability to respond simultaneously and appropriately to the environment or inner needs. It also encourages personal growth that can lead to a more complete life and relationship. Gestalt therapy is very useful, especially for immediate crises and long-term chronic issues.

How Can Gestalt Therapy Help You

This type of therapy, according to people who have tried it, can help with:

  • Awareness about the needs and wants
  • Feeling more empowered and self-assertive
  • Improving relational skills for healthier relationships
  • Increasing confidence and minimising negative self-talk and maximising self-acceptance
  • Having visions of better life options and having the creativity to implement them

Gestalt therapy can also help you if you have inner issues about being real. It can help you work with your internal splits, which is often an underlying problem that fuels anxiety. It will also help you look at the unexpressed parts of yourself, including your shadow self, which is the main reason for self-doubt and relationship sabotage.

It is the best relationship therapy because it identifies the issues that occur in the person’s day-to-day relationships, not just with other people, but also their relationship with themselves. It aims to turn power relationships into loving relationships with the sense of wholeness and authenticity.

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