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Phoebe Allwell

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Be the best version of yourself.

Work on your issues like personal development, anxiety, stress & trauma with registered psychotherapist Phoebe Allwell.

Office & Phone/Skype Psychotherapy Sessions

As a registered psychotherapist with 16 years of experience, Phoebe Allwell has been working effectively with people deal with various issues that stop them from living the best version of themselves. Issues like:

  • Personal development
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Trauma

By looking at the past and present, but not regressing into the past, which has been a common misconception about psychotherapy, she helps clients identify their problems, conflicts and divided selves. Thus, making them aware of what is really going on inside them and giving them the power to do things differently.

She also uses body psychotherapy and counselling as effective tools in dealing with client’s problems.

Office Sessions

Phoebe offers office or in-person psychotherapy sessions where she travels with her clients from the very beginning until they reach their desired results. Sessions are done either weekly or every second week, and starts by filling out the intake and consent form. First session is where discussion about what brought clients to counselling and what they are hoping to accomplish.

Three to four initial sessions are also needed so that she can assess properly how much work will be needed, as well as to be able to map a clear path to success. Psychotherapy sessions usually last 60 minutes, but sometimes clients are allowed some time either at the start or end of the session to clear their mind or reflect on what has been discussed.

Worldwide Phone/Skype Sessions

Phoebe also offers with clients all over Australia, as well as other countries through phone or Skype psychotherapy sessions. Remote sessions work as well as in-person sessions and uses the same integrative approach and principles of psychotherapy, counselling and energy medicine to help clients develop their personal path for a more joyful and satisfying life.

Obviously, all work is confidential.

Book either an office session or phone/Skype session now to start your journey to the best version of you.

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