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Nov 2018

Empowered Health

Contact Name Emma Tippett
Phone 03 9893 5593
Mobile 03 9893 5593
Address 212 Canterbury Rd
Blackburn South VIC 3130

We offer a variety of massage options at Empowered Health.

Empowered Health - Massage


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage considers the structural imbalances in your body, therefore, helping you to feel more in alignment as well as relaxed following your massage. 

Relaxation Massage

A gentle flowing style of massage that is specifically designed for complete relaxation and stress relief.

Sports Massage

A deeper style of massage that works to break down adhesions in the muscles and remove toxins. This helps recovery following an event and can also be used in the lead up to prepare the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage that concentrates on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and is designed to release tension points and toxins.

Therapeutic Massage

Special techniques are used including the stretching and lengthening of muscles to bring about relaxation and wellness to your body.

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