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The stimulation of each selected point, using Acupuncture needles, leads to the alleviation, control and/or management of pain complaints.


Servicing area

Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Focus areas

Headaches Pain relief Reproductive health Health goals Lifestyle Physical pain

The Endeavour College of Natural Health intern Acupuncture clinic is the largest clinic of its type within Australia with a national footprint that continues to provide professional healthcare to the generally public since 1975.

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled intern strives to manage both your presenting complaint and any underlying factors that complicate your recovery. Management is achieved through employment of thin, solid needles that are typically inserted both locally and distally to the presenting complaint.

What to expect in your sessions

An initial acupuncture appointment will take approximately 1.5hrs and will involve an extensive case history. The consultation process involves patient questioning, observation of the patient's tongue and palpation of the patient's pulse.

Additional assessment approaches may also be required subject to the patients presenting complaint and for determining the aligned Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Treatment then follows and would typically involve the use of acupuncture in combination with other allied treatment modalities (such as tui-na massage, cupping and gua sha). By treatment conclusion the intern will also provide a Chinese medicine prognosis for course of treatment required to manage the patients presenting complaint.

Subsequent follow up consultations will be approximately 60 minutes. Treatment is then provided on the basis of prognosis and results.

Depending on the area to be treated you will be request to remove any clothing to enable the student access the acupuncture points directly on your skin. If moxa is used in your treatment you may experience the sensation of heat on your skin.


Standard - $35
Concession - $30

Children under 13 years of age $15 for all treatments.
Valid student card holders are eligible for concession pricing.
Dispensed items and optional services are provided at an additional cost.

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