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Ensha Reiya

Ensha Reiya

Brisbane QLD 4000

Servicing area: Brisbane QLD, Distance, Skype & Phone Sessions Globally.

Ensha Reiya

Spirit Wisdom and Energy Healing

• Teaching • Awakening • Inspiring • Guiding • Healing

As a teacher, mentor, visionary and channel. I offer wisdom, clarity and tools for your personal and spiritual expansion. Inspiring you to establish positive lasting change, confidence, peace and awarness in your life. 

Services & Alternative Therapies include *Pellowah Healing * Distance Pellowah *Pellowah Attunements *Intuitive Mentoring *Spiritual Guidance *Reiki *Past Life Assimilation *Arbah Healing *Astrology Chart Readings *Energy Clearing for Your Home & Business 


Ensha Reiya

Other Services

  • Spiritual Development Circle
  • Astrology Classes
  • Labyrinth Walks
  • Circles Of Light - Conversations For Awakening

Appointments available in Cannon Hill Brisbane

  • Monday's
  • Thursday's
  • Friday's
  • Some Saturday's 
  • Other Days - Over Distance, Phone, and Skype, Globally


For further information on any of the services please contact Ensha on Aus m + 61 409 040 283 or book online. Connect with Ensha on Facebook


Qualification Details

  • Cert Pellowah Healing
  • Cert Pellowah Trainer
  • Cert Past Life Assimilation
  • Cert Arbah Healing
  • Cert Reiki Master Teacher

Ensha Reiya