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Traditional Chinese Medicine - Shiatsu - Acupuncture - Ayurveda - Cupping. Come in and see use today for all of your professional Eastern Medicine services.

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Indulge yourself into the Ultimate Ayurveda Experience for a rejuvenating experience for body, mind and spirit. These therapies are designed to restore balance and harmony, profoundly influence the psyche and rejuvenate the entire body at physical, mental and emotional levels.

Traditional Ayurvedic treatments are based upon centuries-old Ayurvedic therapies that support equilibrium and bliss in your life. The sweeping movements of Abhyangam cleanses the blockages in the channels of body and detoxifies it.

Ayurveda is an exquisite therapy of 5000 years old holistic science from India. The goal of it being prevention and promotion of vibrant health through scientifically proven therapies, diet and harmonious lifestyle management.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Stress Relief
  • Detox
  • Energy and Vitality
  • Skin Rejuvenation and more youthful appearance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Optimum Digestion
  • Better Sleep

Session includes: Dosha Diagnosis, Chakras scanning, Cleansing by Sweeping massage strokes, Energy work

Oils: Variety of essential oils are used based on the dosha type.


Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy that has been formulated over the last 100 years from the traditional Japanese massage which is a feel good, therapeutic massage.

Shiatsu literally means finger pressure and as such describes part of the therapy whereby natural body weight (finger, thumbs, elbows, forearms, feet and knees) is used in applying pressure to special points on the body. This is combined with stretches, joint rotations and joint manipulation to give an all-over treatment, which aims at treating the patient on a holistic level.

The aim of Shiatsu is to rebalance the flow of energy (Ki), along the meridians or channels. The surface touch uses points on the surface known as Tsubo to access those meridians. The practitioner feels for excessive (Jitsu) or deficient (Kyo) energy (Ki) within the meridians as they control the movement in the body (blood, gas, air, water).

Shiatsu incorporates pressure, holding, rubbing, heating or stretching techniques which can be deep and firm, but which are applied with sensitivity.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese. therapy in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced in order to draw and hold skin and superficial muscles inside the cup. Sometimes, while the suction is active, the cup is moved, causing the skin and muscle to be pulled. This is called sliding cupping.

Cupping is based on the meridian theory of the body. Cupping removes any stagnation in the body and opens the meridians so that qi can flow freely. It also helps to rejuvenate certain meridians and organs that are not functioning at their best.

From a scientific standpoint, cupping is known to help activate the lymphatic system, promote blood circulation, and is good for deep tissue repair.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete system of healing that includes herbs, massage, diet, exercise therapy and acupuncture. The main foundation for TCM is that all of creation is borne from two opposite principles, yin (night) and yang (day), which are in constant motion to create balance within the body. Thus, disease occurs when either the yin or the yang is in a state of excess or deficiency.

One of the main components of the body is Qi which is the energy that allows us to do everything thinking, feeling, working and moving. This qi, or life force energy, moves along a system of channels called meridians.

There are twelve main channels of the Qi which are each connected with one particular area of the body. If the flow of the Qi becomes unbalanced, either through physical, emotional, or environmental factors, illness may occur.


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