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Practicing Kinesiology over 20 years. Mind Body Soul approach - Three in once concept - The one brain method. No matter what your concern or healing needs involve we here at Aspley Wellness Centre are here to help - Contact us for a free 15 minute phone consult.

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Learning disabilities Fears Arthritis Disabilities Hormonal imbalance Phobias


Kinesiology is a natural health care system of applying the principles of Muscle Testing and Muscle Response Testing/ Monitoring to the body to find energy, nerve imbalances and body dysfunction and applying a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, well-being and vitality.

Kinesiology was developed in the 1960s by Dr George Goodheart DC (USA), and introduced to the world in 1970 by Dr John Thie DC (USA) from California in a program like no other Touch For Health. Kinesiology grew as more studied TFH they began to create their own programs around the world.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology does not treat named diseases, nor does it diagnose them. It is however used for the relief of physical pain, stress and confusion, depressive tendencies, digestive disorders including allergies, fatigue and tiredness, back pain, learning disabilities, nervous disorders including phobias, sports injuries, personal development and general well-being.

Patients generally remain fully clothed during a treatment. It is beneficial to have a series of treatments. It can effectively used along with other therapies for optimal results. Great results are often seen after the first treatment.


Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) is one of the most complete and one of the most powerful treatment programs in Holistic Medicine in the world today. It is also known as Applied BioNeurology.

It has drawn on knowledge acquired from research in most areas of health care:N.O.T. attempts to treat the cause, the whole person, and work with what the body tells us is out of balance. If you have pain, the reason why you have pain is far more important than the fact that you do have pain.

Pain is our bodys way of telling us something is wrong! N.O.T. recognizes that wellness can only occur when we have a harmoniously functioning nervous system, and prevention rather than cure is the approach a person chooses. N.O.T. focuses on correcting problems before they manifest as a health problem.

You can read more about N.O.T here


The methods of Neuro-linguistic programming are the techniques used to perform Neuro-linguistic programming on a mind or person, and the methods used to teach those techniques to people. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is based on the idea that with our senses we are only able to perceive a small part of the world.

Our view of the world is filtered by our experience, beliefs, values, assumptions, and biological sensory systems. We act and feel based on our perception of the world rather than the real world.

Using NLP a person can 'model' the more successful parts of their own behaviour in order to reproduce it in areas where they are less successful or 'model' another person to effect belief and behaviour changes to improve functioning. If someone excels in some activity, it can be learned how specifically they do it by observing certain important details of their behaviour.


What is Three-In-One Concepts all about?

To Focus, Clarify and Defuse Obstructions to the Fulfillment of your essential Purpose in this life. This is what our work means: To Focus, Clarify and Defuse Obstructions to the Fulfillment of Your Essential Purpose in this Life.

Since the obstructions amount to stress overwhelm, we begin by reducing Negative Emotional Stress, so Positive Emotional Stress can accomplish for us what we really want to be doing. To read more about the Three In One Concepts, just click here.


The following is excerpted from an article from a Northern California Periodical authored by Lauren Bergland.The phrase, "I'm stressed out" is the 21st Century equivalent to "Let's go for a Sunday drive." With technology allowing us to take our work "to go," it is little wonder people are complaining about stress infiltrating this lives and a lack of leisure time. As technology reaches in new directions, alternative medicine has been testing the limits as well, suggesting that as our bodies adapt to more stress, we need alternative ways to combat that stress.

According to the system, by locating the experience that created the emotional "issue" and defusing it, you can rid your body of the limitations that stand in the way of many life goals.Want to know more about The One Brain Method, just click here.


Hyperton-X is a Body-Mind integration kinesiology method developed in the early 1980's by Frank Mahony, a kinesiologist from California. A hypertonic muscle has three characteristics Pain, Weakness and Restricted Range of Motion and is usually tight. A hypertonic muscle is one that is in an over-protective state, causing pain and restricted movement.

It is often weak and is caused by anything from playing sports, car/motorcycle accidents, horse accidents and sustained injuries, poor posture, wearing high-heeled shoes and jaw clenching. One muscle can cause hypertonicity throughout the body, resulting in further injury and pain.

Benefits of Hyperton-X Muscle Release

Hyperton-X promotes whole brain integration and a sense of completeness and wellness, improves mental and physical performance, overcomes learning difficulties, reduces pain, emotional stresses, corrects allergies, phobias, deficiencies in food and colouring sensitivities, chances of injury and increases muscle flexibility and power for all ages.

It is used to great benefit to improve physical performance in sports and prevent injury. After the session instruction for self help exercises is often given to the client to maintain the treatment. To read more information about Hyperton-X, just click here.



Anxious at first that nothing was going to work but Im here now so I might as well go through with it. Felt tense, I will just give it ago anyway, I feel restricted and suffocated.


Relieved and relaxed. I feel like a door has opened up and I am about to start a big journey, I have a feeling of euphoria that everything is going to be ok. I feel as though a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel relaxed, I feel I can breathe.

Session with Lilyanne 20/3/2012

Before deciding to receive NLP / kinesiology I did much research on the internet and talking with friends who had also received it. Upon arriving for my first appointment, I was sceptical and a little nervous.

My mind flooded with negative thoughts about being judged for my actions, thoughts and / or things I may say. But that was nothing more than my fear of positive change and I convinced myself that well im here now I might as well go through with it, espically if I want positive changes in my life.

Throughout my session I felt nothing but comfortable and accepted and safe, and after my very first session and doing the very minimal amount of homework provided, I noticed instand changes.

Now after several sessions my life has changed dramatically for the positive, in everything from my personal to my professional life. The best thing is, when youve created such a positive mind set it rubs off onto other people around, creating a much more happy and healthy environment and relationships. I would highly recommend this to anybody wanting to make great and positive progress in their life.



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