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Feathers of Light

Om-ra Kitto

Brisbane QLD 4000

Servicing area: Northern Rivers and distantly/remotely

Feathers of Light

Feathers of Light Pet Healing Sessions are offered for any animal you would like to help. Contact Om-Ra to discuss your pet’s needs.

Feathers of Light - Animal Therapy

Pets take on a lot from their owners, humanity and the planet and sometimes this is apparent in their behaviour.

If your pet is afraid, physically ill or angry they have taken on less-than-love energies and influences including negative extraterrestrial implants which are able to be removed so that a healing is able take place for your pet.

 For more information about Feathers of Light’s Pet Healings, call Om Ra, visit the website or click on one of the buttons below

Qualification Details

Om-ra is a qualified Kundalini Reiki Master
Certified Crystal Healing Master

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