Angela Kirby

2 Francis Ridley cct
Brompton SA 5007

Servicing area: Adelaide, South Australia

Focus area: Abuse Addictions Adoption ...
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Angela Kirby - Thought Field Therapy

Why Try Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment you can use to conquer emotional distress, including phobias, anxiety, stress, compulsions and addictions. TFT is based on the time-honoured principles of both contemporary clinical psychology and Chinese Medicine.

TFT is a drug-free method of literally tapping into the body's energy and clearing up blockages without using acupuncture needles, drugs or any other invasive means. Just click here for more information

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Qualification details

Professional Member of the ACA
Australian Counselling Association
Member of KKTTC
Krieger Kunz Therapeutic Touch Association
Member Psychotherapy in Australia, Victoria
Member Australian Bush Flower Essence Society
Algorithm Member Thought Field Therapy

Angela Kirby