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Welcome to From Within Pilates

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About Salome

Movement (along with art and design) has always been a passion of mine from the day I can remember. I am extremely passionate about moving freely, moving well and discovering new methods to move better – without unnecessary tension. I strongly believe in and actively seek to discover new ways to enhance my wellbeing, whether that is through the food that I consume or in the movements that I embody as ‘we are how we move’.

These interests have driven me to constantly concentrate on the human body/mind interface and how we can enhance our sensory awareness of our movement patterns. I have been practicing Pilates since 2002 and instructing professionally since 2007. I regularly attend workshops, courses, conferences and complete online courses as to ensure that I am up to date with the latest methods to better serve you.

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From Within Pilates

Every class is an inquiry into the movement potential that we all possess.

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