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Thermal Imaging
Member since
Mar 2015

Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

Contact Name Gold Coast Thermal Imaging
Mobile 0413 987 426
Servicing Areas Queensland and NSW
Our staff are certified Clinical Thermography Technicians and are passionate advocates of thermography.

Gold Coast Thermal Imaging

We provide a range of screenings that can be catered to your individual needs. Breast, single areas of interest, half body and full body screenings are available. All scans are accompanied by a full medical report by certified doctors experienced in thermology.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is NOT for the detection of late stage cancer. It is used to HELP PREVENT dysfuction getting to that stage.


Breast Imaging

Breast imaging - $260 (allow 30mins)

Body Imaging

Health Screening - $380

The Health Screen includes the following areas: Head and Neck - Sinus, Allergies, Cardio/Vascular inflammation, Gum & dental, TMJ, Thyroid, Neck injury, tension, stress and strain, Immune function, Lymphatic congestion, Cervical nerve impingement; Breasts; Back - Muscular stress and strain; back pain; Abdomen - Evaluate digestive issues; Lymphatic congestion

Region of Interest - $260

A study of any particular area which is reported as causing concern.

Complete Full Body - $470 

Imaging of the whole body except under the hair. Breast imaging protocol for women is included.

Thermal Imaging For Children

Children can suffer unexplained pain just like adults but they can find it very difficult to describe their symptoms or even verbally communicate them. DITI is suitable for newborns and infants that may need more information on a present condition or to locate a primary concern so the correct treatment can commence.

DITI can visualise your child’s pain and also help to rule out behavioral issues that may be suspect.

At Gold Coast Thermal Imaging we can also offer our clients hormonal advice and saliva and urine hormonal testing.

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