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Thinking of joining a Pilates Class? Then we here at Green Apple Wellness Centre are the ones to call. Perfect for people of all ages & fitness levels.

Green Apple Wellness Centre - Pilates Classes

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique method of controlled exercise designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles, open up the joints and release tensions. Pilates is a form of controlled whole-body conditioning that produces a lean, lithe and optimally functional body.

Currently the Green Apple is providing a specialised Pilates for Back Pain class. Delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, this class is also available to DVA Gold Card participants at no cost to them.

Who Would Benefit From Pilates?

People with limitations such as:

  • Biomechanical problems such as back, etc.
  • Problems activating postural muscles
  • Poor posture or posture related issues
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Poor flexibility or range of movement

A Member's Story

"Since being at the Green Apple for approximately 12 years I have learnt in that time that learning new fitness styles has become a regular ongoing process.

The latest being Pilates, which I see as aggravating as a mosquito bite, it never stops attracting my attention or my curiosity.

I have never become bored with Pilates, though at times I have not fully enjoyed a class mainly due to tiredness, mental distraction or just sheer laziness, but I still come back the next week and usually with a better state of mind.

Should anyone think that Pilates in not a grunt and groan activity and that they will not obtain any benefit, they will surely be surprised as it is just the same as the BP Petroleum Company "A quiet achiever."

- Maree Westmore

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