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Groves Naturopathics

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First Visit Health Care Package

What Can You Expect From Our Naturopathic Clinic?

First-time clients at the Groves Naturopathics in Bahrs Scrub QLD can avail of the First Visit Health Care Package. Through which, we can gain insight into your health condition and develop the best treatment plan tailored to your needs.

This health care package is an affordable tool that will take you through the basic structure of our naturopathic medicine. It comes with the following:

Mood Disorder Appraisal Questionnaire, MDA

The answers you provide on this questionnaire will indicate the state of your emotional health. Scientific studies show that more than 60% of patient complaints relating to physical disorders are linked to stress. 

Laboratory Tests

Naturopathy involves the detection and treatment of the underlying causes of the symptoms of a disease. Sometimes we require pathology tests that are conducted in a laboratory to get a clearer picture of how the systems in your body are working. These tests will entail additional costs, which would depend on the laboratory you work with.

Comprehensive Health Appraisal Questionnaire, HAQ

While many people walk into our clinic with the symptoms of a health disorder, there are some whose pathology results don’t show any imbalance in their system yet they don’t feel okay. This questionnaire will help us detect and classify your symptoms. 

Zinc Test

Zinc is responsible for tissue growth and repair. Without it, the immune system will cease to function. This testing method allows us to assess your zinc levels.


Iridology is the process of examining the colour and patterns of your eyes to understand your physical and emotional structures. The information we gather will help us identify inflammation or any functional disorders.

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