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Specialising in homoeopathic health care, in Western Sydney, Parramatta & Blue Mountains regions for over 30 years. Skype consults also available for those at a distance. For more information: https://www.hhmc-dimitriadis.com  

Hahnemann Homoeopathic Medicine Centre

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Servicing Western Sydney and Blue Mountains

Focus areas

Chronic health issues Infections Tonic Enema Headaches Joy

We offer individualised homœopathic care, to treat a wide range of health problems, in people of all ages. 


At the Hahnemann Homœopathic Medicine Centre, named after the founder of Homœopathy Dr Samuel Hahenemann (1755-1843), George and Jacqualine Dimitriadis have been using Homœopathy, for over 35 years, to assist patients of all ages, with their health needs.

Homœopathy is a safe and effective way to treat many varying disease conditions (mental, emotional and physical), both acute and chronic and at the same time avoid the unwanted side effects that come with many commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medicines.

Each patient is treated individually and we take the necessary time to understand the precise symptoms of each patient and prescribe accordingly. 

The carefully selected and specially prepared homœopathic medicine is able to assist the body regain its healthy balance by stimulating the individual’s innate healing ability, the aim not only being to treat the disease symptoms but at the same time improve the overall health and well being of the patient.



Homoeopathy is able to treat a wide range of conditions. Here are just a few seen on a daily basis in our clinic.

Conditions commonly seen (but are no way limited to):

    • Childhood illnesses including eczema, tonsillitis, ear infections, asthma, Autism, ADHD, behavioral disorders and learning difficulties.
    • Allergies and allergic reactions
    • Recurrent coughs, colds and flues
    • Headaches
    • Arthritic and rheumatic complaints
    • Women's complaints including menstrual irregularities, menopausal complaints
    • Hormonal imbalances eg. thyroid irregularities, blood sugar imbalances
    • Sleep disorders
    • Sports related injuries


George has been in practice for over 30 years, is the founder of the Hahnemann Institute Sydney and is a world recognised teacher, researcher and writer of homœopathic literature. He has written several books for the profession and lectured internationally including New Zealand, India, Japan, Canada, USA and UK. George's study includes a degree in anatomy/physiology with a major in neuro-science, assuring a sound background for understanding complex chronic illnesses.

Jacqualine has been studying and utilising Homoeopathy in her clinic for for the last 30 years and is also an active research assistant for the Hahnemann Institute Sydney. This research work, along with her clinical experience, allows her to continually update and expand her knowledge and understanding.

Jacqualine enjoys working with mothers and children and has a passion for improving the health of young people as well as helping with behavioral problems and learning difficulties. She finds it particularly rewarding to see them thrive following treatment with Homœopathy.

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