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Annie (Tej Sundri) Teng

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Get rid of what you don’t need. Through sounds, vibration, and energy, Healthy Happy Soul Therapy offers a non-invasive and natural method that promotes healing of the body, mind, and soul. For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Annie.

Reiki Practitioner

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Martin Place, Newtown and Wollongong

Focus areas

Sound healing Telehealth Gong Usui reiki Energy & vitality Energy clearing

Annie is a Reiki Practitioner and Master, a Gong Master, a Sound Practitioner, and a yoga teacher.

Using sound, vibration and energy as natural healing methods, Annie restores health and vitality.

With Reiki, Ancient Meditation healing, energy chimes healing, Tibetan singing bowls healing, and Gong healing, you will find a healing technique suitable for your unique needs. 

Furthermore, she shares ways to achieve peace by practising meditation. 

Those who want to learn meditation but have previously found it difficult to remain still or to sit silently for very long will particularly benefit from this technique. 

Small groups of people take part in this activity, followed by a relaxing session.

Services Offered

Usui Reiki (In-person or Distant)

Reiki is a safe and natural, holistic technique in which the practitioner channels the universal life force into the body of the client. 

Through the practitioner, healing takes place through a form of energy that works on all levels of an individual.

Spiritual Healing (In-person or Distant)

Spiritual healing therapy is an ancient, spiritual healing art that puts the practitioner into the state of Shuniya, or nothingness. 

The practitioner, the client, and the Divine become immersed in this state of meditation. 

Through this therapy, physical pain and discomfort are relieved, depression and anxiety are released. A feeling of tranquillity, deep relaxation, and a sense of balance is achieved.

Chakra Balance Healing

Chakra Balance healing uses tuned chimes on or near the body that are played in intuitive and energetic combinations.

Sound, vibrational energy is transmitted rhythmically to every part of the body during a sound bath. 

The process slows down your brainwaves, dissolves and shifts energy blockages, balances chakras, and realigns both your physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance. 

With this deep-relaxing sound massage, you will feel happy and confident afterwards.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Healing

For centuries, Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used in meditation and mind transformation as a sacred and ancient instrument of healing.

They carry powerful positive energy that influences every cell in the body and the surface of the skin. 

The vibrations ease bodily tension and blocks, stimulate the glandular and nervous systems, increase vitality, and improve blood circulation.

Gong Sound Healing

A Gong sound clears clutter from one's subconscious mind, similar to Tibetan singing bowls. It cuts through the linear mind and quiets the mind, enabling one to see their true self.

Sound waves from the gong reverberate through the body to deeper levels. 

The practice can help people access innate wisdom by bringing their minds back to a state of tranquillity.

Nada Yoga or Sound Yoga

Through sound, Nada Yoga unites the individual mind with cosmic consciousness. 

In Nada Yoga, we listen to our bodies as instruments of divine music.

Meditation with Sacred Sound

Mediation can relieve stress, promote emotional well-being, improve self-awareness, and improve concentration.

When combined with the sounds of ancient instruments, meditation can help release blockages and help you reach a flow state where your mind is at one with itself, gaining inner peace.

For more information or to book a session with Annie, please contact her.


4 Services


$130 Per session

Reiki is a non-invasive healing method. It is a safe and natural healing technique as well a holistic healing therapy. The healing is done by a form of energy through a hands-on/off method that works on all levels of an individual. Reiki also can help to

Ancient Meditation Healing Therapy

$130 Per session

Ancient meditation healing therapy is a spiritual healing and ancient healing art. It is a completely natural process. It puts the practitioner into the state of shuniya (means zero, nothing and describes a state of awareness). The state is a pure medita


  • Reiki Master
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Certificate Of Gong Master
  • Certificate Of Planetary Gong Therapy
  • Certificate Of Gong Practitioner
  • Certificate Of Singing Bowl Healing Therapy
  • Certificate Of Sound Healing Therapy
  • Certificate Of Gong Yoga Nidra
  • Certificate Of Mudra Therapy
  • Certificate Of Sat Nam Rasayan (healing)
  • Nada Yoga Teacher

Professional Membership

  • Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)

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