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Osteopathy, Remedial and Pregnancy Massage and Naturopathy.

Hills Osteopaths

Servicing area

Castle Hill, New South Wales

Focus areas

Love Cellular health Intolerance Blood analysis Relaxation Face massage

Julian trained in London as an Osteopath and then completed a two years Masters in Paediatrics at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (London) and has extensive training in cranial osteopathy. Yan Kei also trained in London.

We provide assessment and treatment for Adults, Children and Babies.

Julian is experienced in paediatrics and treating adults with acute and chronic conditions. Julian and Yan Kei are registered with the Australian Osteopathic Association. Call now for a chat. Janelle is our massage therapist working with both remedial and pregnancy massage. Janelle can give ongoing support and pain relief for postural back and neck strain, and is experienced at treating sports injuries. Janelle is also a Naturopath and is fantastic at resolving health issues.

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All patients receive Exceptional Care.

Osteopathy Monday to Saturday

Cranial and Paediatric Osteopathy Monday to Saturday

Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Naturopathy Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, all day Thursday, every 3rd Saturday.

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is special. It is an established and recognised system of diagnosis and treatment that works with the structural integrity of the body through the function of joints, muscles and ligaments.

Osteopathy uses many of the diagnostic procedures involved in conventional medical assessment and diagnosis as well as assessing patients biomechanically, functionally and posturally. Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and/or reducing inflammation and pain by using gentle osteopathic techniques.

Treatment is aimed at improving mobility and/or reducing inflammation and pain by using gentle manual osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments.

Osteopathy is suitable for work related low back or neck pain or sporting injury and it can help with acute conditions, such as sudden sharp back pain, or chronic conditions. It may also be beneficial for painful ankles, knees, shoulders and elbows. There are other conditions which may benefit; Osteopathy may be able to provide relief for the muscular tension symptoms associated with asthma. An osteopath may assess the role of an individuals’ diet in their health, or use visceral or cranial osteopathy. As the underlying causes of pain are addressed further improvements may be obtained with postural advice and with an exercise program if required. Age is no barrier to osteopathic treatment as each patient is assessed individually. Osteopathic treatment may reduce pain and increase mobility.

Benefits; You may have reduced levels of pain and increased mobility.

Osteopathy is suitable for patients of all ages. Call now to talk to Julian or Yan Kei.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a great method of treatment for babies, children, and adults including pregnant mums. Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment.

Cranial osteopathy is one of the tools of the osteopath. Cranial osteopathy is an osteopathic treatment based on anatomy and physiology. Cranial osteopaths are trained to feel a very subtle, rhythmical shape change that is present in all body tissues. This is called “Involuntary Motion” or the “Cranial Rhythm”.

Babies and Children

When birth is complicated by being unduly slow or fast, or when intervention such as forceps or ventouse or C-section is used, there may be musculo-skeletal effects such as an infant’s neck muscles may be strained. Treatment from an osteopath my help to improve the musculo-skeletal effects of birth strain on a baby. Please review Julian’s Continual Professional Development page for an up-to-date record of his ongoing training.

As children grow older, growth stresses, strains resulting from difficult births, minor trauma (such as falling off a bed or a swing) or sporting injuries may become apparent. Children may benefit from an assessment of their musculo-skeletal system by an osteopath.

For more information about osteopathy go to www.hills-osteopath.com and click on "Osteopathy Articles".

and for paediatric osteopathy in a medical setting copy and paste this link:
Newborns Receive Osteopathic Manipulation At St. Barnabas

Osteopathic consultation & treatment charges

Consultation $110
Between 45 minutes and 1 hour

Follow up treatments $100
Up to 30 minutes

Children (0-16)
Consultation $100
Between 45 minutes and 1 hour

Follow up treatments $85
Up to 30 minutes


We are covered by most Private Health Funds. Just bring your health fund card and through our HICAPS machine you can claim on the spot, you just pay the difference between your claim allowance and the consultation fee. There are no forms, its quick and easy!

Remedial Massage

Mothers Day Madness

This year for the month of May, to celebrate Mothers Day and all the great Mums out there we are offering for the first time ever the amazing offer of a TWO HOUR massage normally valued at $200 for only $150! That is $50 off. What a bargain!

Treat yourself with a two hour massage -- but thats not all, as a qualified beauty therapist Janelle will give you a face massage if requested, as part of the two hour massage. Whats not to love! Call now on 9659 0515 for your two hour massage. This will be offered for May this year. Call now.

As an added bonus you can purchase a gift voucher for the two hour massage which can be used any time in the next year!! Buy it for your wife, your husband, yourself even!!!

Call us now on 9659 0515 for your Mega May Mothers Day Massage!!

Janelle Camuglia is our remedial massage therapist. She works both sports massage and deep tissue techniques where necessary and can bring relief to the aches and pains of daily life and is wonderful for relieving neck and shoulder pain. Remedial massage is focused upon both consultation and treatment. A thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology means that the source of pain can be pin pointed and then treated appropriately. In the sports world it is used proactively to prevent injury.

As a massage therapist she works slowly and deeply to melt chronic muscular tension. She creates a safe, nurturing and respectful space which facilitates expressing and releasing the emotional tensions that are often at the source of physical tension.

Key benefits of Remedial Massage include: the stimulation to the blood supply allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed; the calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; and the toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility. An improvement to the health of the cells, the repairing of tissues, and the easing of stiffness and tension can also be experienced through therapeutic relaxation.
Sports and remedial massage therapy combines general and deep tissue manipulation with various forms of stretching techniques to improve muscle health and performance. The treatment is direct and results are experienced quite quickly. It is a very safe, non invasive therapy.

As oil is used, it is necessary for the patient to change to their underwear for the treatment.

Massage fees, please allow a one hour session (or longer) for the first visit so that a brief history can be taken

1/2 hour.......$85.00
1 hour.........$100.00
1 1/2 hour...$120.00

Pregnancy Massage

Janellle has undergone training for massaging pregnant women, and is wonderful at easing the aches and pains of your body changing in those final months as you approach the birth,

Pregnancy massage is an integrated therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother to be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbearing experience. During pregnancy, labour and post partum, specific techniques can reduce discomforts and enhance the physiological and emotional well being of both mother and baby. Studies have demonstrated that massage reduces stress hormones in the body. A pregnant woman’s body is challenged changed and stressed in many different ways. Massage gives special attention to the mother to be, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her.

As you body transforms, you must adjust to the increasing weight, shifting posture, fluctuating hormone levels and many other dramatic changes of the childbearing experience.
Massage enhances pregnant, labouring and postpartum women’s comfort, health and enjoyment of their pregnancies.
It is also a benefit in the fourth trimester, in the months after the birth, as the woman’s body returns to normal.

Cost $120.00 for 1 1/2 hours


Janelle has been working as a naturopath since 2004. She offers a variety of testing services to assess overall health status and tailors herbal, nutritional and lifestyle programs to suit her clients individual needs. She regularly provides support in disorders such as fatigue, digestive complaints, mood disorders and depression, allergies, auto-immune conditions and pre-menstrual tension. Janelle uses a holistic approach to move her clients towards a vibrant state of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Naturopathy fees

Initial Appointment (90 mins) $150-00

Includes the use of various screening tools to assess how your signs and symptoms relate to your health status

Report of Findings Appointment (60 mins) $110-00

You will receive an individualised report of findings which gives a clear overview of the results of your screenings and the importance of these to your health. You will also be provided with a comprehensive health restoration proposal to help you achieve your health goals.

Follow up Appointment (30 mins) $70-00

Includes Body Composition Analysis

Child Appointment (30 mins) $65-00

For children and young adults 0-19 years. Does not include Body Composition Analysis

On-site testing services

Zinc Taste Test $10.00 A taste test that gives an indication of your body’s zinc status.

Blood Typing $20.00 Uses a drop of blood to determine blood type. Does not test for rhesus factor. Useful if you are interested in following blood type diet recommendations.

Urinary Indicans Testing $35.00 A urine test that detects abnormal bacteria in your gut which can cause gut and immune problems.

Body Composition Analysis (VLA) $48.00 A quick, non-invasive test that tells how much fat and muscle you have in your body and allows your cellular health and energy levels to be monitored. Great for anyone wanting to manage weight more effectively, increase muscle tone and fitness, improve energy levels and age healthily.

Live Blood Analysis $90.00. A drop of blood on a slide under a microscope and it is possible to assess your state of health from the movement, shape and aggregation of your red blood cells.

Food Intolerance Testing $220.00 Uses a few drops of blood to test for IgG antibody reactions to a range of foods which may be involved in various conditions such as food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and arthritis.

Specialist testing services

    • Complete Digestive Stool Analysis,
    • Functional Liver Detoxification,
    • Profile2:16 Urinary Oestrogen Metabolites,
    • Hair Mineral Analysis.

Any Questions or for more information call now and talk to me about what I can do to help you.

Call 9659 0515 or 0431 866908

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