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Hills Physiotherapy Knox

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We are Knox Physio offering specialised Physiotherapy from a team of experienced physiotherapists.

Hills Physiotherapy Knox - Physiotherapy

The benefit of having physiotherapists around is that if a condition fails to improve with other treatments and requires some expert diagnostic assessment – this can be managed in clinic. Our Knox Physios have thorough training in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions, and are specialists in managing movements disorders, managing pain, and rehabilitation. This help can come in the form of a joint consultation between our Knox Physios and Myotherapists (at no extra cost) or for more unpredictable or serious issues we can book separate arrangements for troublesome diseases that require more in depth intervention or assessment.

Ben Kewish (Hills Physiotherapy Director), who brings over 15years of experience managing a wide range of painful conditions and injuries. He has experience in managing elite sports people with a personal interest in Basketball and Athletics, and has a passion for Persistent Pain management and Low Back Pain specifically.

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About Hills Physiotherapy Knox

Physiotherapy’s main objective is to relieve joint pain and restore the normal movement for any joint, muscle or bone injury.

Hills Physiotherapy Knox - Remedial Massage & Myotherapy

In a Physiotherapy practice, Myotherapists can work in tandem with the Physio to manage a patient’s condition, or autonomously to provide pain relief and health maintenance treatment.

Hills Physiotherapy Knox - Naturopathy & Women's Health

Pregnancy is the most wondrous and beautiful time of a woman’s life… This statement was definitely written by a bloke, or a woman who’d never been pregnant!

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In our experience, we’ve found Dry Needling to be a powerful treatment for musculoskeletal and referred pain.

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Patients feel taller, more energised, and more “clear headed”.

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