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Holistic Homeopathy Clinix


Homeopathy is a holistic form of Natural Medicine, which aims to treat the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms

Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia

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The aim of a homeopathic treatment is to achieve the greatest results through gentle healing which is both safe and non-invasive. We strive to contribute to the homeopathic industry by spreading the beauty and benefits of homeopathy.

At Holistic Homeopathy Clinix we offer the highest quality homeopathic treatments by not only controlling the symptoms but through the understanding of the underlying causes behind disease. Your health and you are our central focus, thus, we utilise the best and most reliable homeopathic products available on the market to ensure that you get the very best results possible.



My son was suffering from eczema, He was getting treatment from GP but even after a fair while it was still not getting under control , Then we switched to homeopathic treatment, It was wonderful experience for us and for our child, I would definitely recommend people with eczema to try homeopathy through Aamir. – Faisal

Aamir is amazing. My son is having some medication from Aamir and results are outstanding. Highly recommended. – Suren Perera

Weeks before my wedding day. I was working two jobs, I was getting run down emotionally and physically. My skin became dull, sluggish and dehydrated  Homeopath Aamir gave me 3 types of Homeopathy medication which I took over 3-6 weeks. My skin was fantastic plump, bright and glowing for my wedding day! I felt fit and healthy. – Linseach Ni Dhochartaigh

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Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia

Health refers to a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia

While commercial skin care products can be useful, they could be simply hiding underlying problems rather than curing them. 

Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia

Excess weight, especially obesity is a major risk factor for an individuals health. Being underweight has a range of health problems attached. 

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Holistic Homeopathy Clinix Australia