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A surprisingly large percentage of childhood complaints stem from unresolved emotional issues.

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There a variety of children’s issues that hypnotherapy can assist in treating. The amazing thing is that children are largely excellent hypnotic patients as they have vivid and wonderful imaginations. I find it is as simple as telling them a story, something along the lines of them flying off in a space craft or taking part in their favourite movie or television program. Parents are able to stay with their child even if the child is older, it really is all about what makes you and your child feel comfortable.

A large number of children, for example, who may suffer from bronchial asthma also suffer from a level of anxiety, a lack of self-esteem and/or are dependent on one or both of the parents. Building their confidence is integral for their treatment. Results vary from individual to individual. In the large majority of cases that I have been presented with and have treated, the child has gone on to achieve a positive outcome or at the very least, some improvement from their initial starting point. The beauty of hypnosis is that is a completely drug free form of treatment and has no negative side effects.

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