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Train your mind to prefer healthy eating habits.

Hygea Counselling Services - Weight Loss

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Weight control: are you fed up of diets and your weight going up and down like a yo yo? Findthe effective and alternatives methods to help you lose weight and for it to stay off, through positive and permanent changes in your lifestyle. Find out how hypnotherapy is able to can transform the way you feel and look by transforming the way you think about weight and what and how you eat.

    • Are you one of those individuals who are constantly struggling with your weight, even if it is just a few kilos?
    • Are you constantly thinking about food?
    • Are you portion sizes getting too big?
    • Is the state of your health beginning to become a concern?
    • Are you eating the wrong types of foods?

When we practice doing something for a sustained period of time, even if this habit in its nature is unhealthy it can begin to feel ok. These behavioural can become habitual, which may lead to eating unnecessarily and putting on unwanted weight. We often eat the wat we do or carry excess weight as a result of past beliefs, emotional triggers or learned behaviours that are often linked to the past. These behaviours become ingrained in our subconscious mind because it is this section of the mind that our beliefs, experiences and behaviours are formed.

    • Through Hypnotherapy and Non-Attachment Therapy, I am able to assist you to effectively manage your thoughts about health and/or rid yourself of your negative emotions and to transform unhealthy behaviours into new positive and healthy ones.
    • Hypnosis is a highly effective solution to alleviate the emotional connections and subconscious behaviours and beliefs that are barriers to weight control.

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