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Phil Golding

Inner Harmony Counselling and Therapy

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Emotional Healing, Self-Awareness, Personal Development, Meditation/Mindfulness Training, Author.

Inner Harmony Counselling and Therapy

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Spiritual counselling Chinese herbal medicine Self-realisation Anxiety Trauma Coaching

Counselling - Workshops - Meditation/Mindfulness Groups - Self-Help Books

My name is Phil Golding. I have 37 years of my own personal development experience, and 22 years experience as a professional counsellor, psychotherapist and 30 years experience as a meditation/mindfulness/self-awareness teacher. I have published 2 self-help books dedicated to guiding your healing and self-awareness journey. My path began with overcoming depression and trauma and continued with 2 university degrees, as well as personal training in group leadership, self-awareness, self-realisation and empowerment. I am an experienced trauma therapist, along with general and spiritual counselling. I am also a self-awareness/realisation teacher/guide who can help you to reach the potential of your consciousness to where you can face, overcome, and empower yourself through all life experiences. Compassion is the keynote to my approach and concessions are available.

Feel free to listen to my 8 part podcast on healing the mind and self-awareness: Audio Podcast


3 Services

Inner Harmony Counselling and Therapy

1hr 30min
Meditation Psychotherapy Mindfulness Workshop Relationship Counselling Meditation Counselling
$140 Per session

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy specialising in working with PTSD, trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, empowerment, spiritual/transpersonal counselling.

Inner Harmony Awareness Meditation Group

Meditation Mindfulness
$15 Per class

Meditation group for beginers to advanced that has a strong focus on self-awareness and self-acceptance. 2 nights per week.


  • Psychology Degree
  • Post Grad Psychology
  • Group Leader Training
  • Meditation/mindfulness/self-awareness Teacher