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Jan-Leigh Matchett

Servicing area: Montrose, Croydon, Ringwood, Warrandyte & Australiawide via Skype

Focus area: Telehealth Confidence & esteem Healing therapies ...
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This combination of Transformation Coaching, Healing and Life Empowerment Techniques can help you become your own version of Fabulous.  Everyone has a 'Personal Formula for Success' towards happiness, health, business and relationships.  This is usually hidden beneath old value systems, limiting beliefs and unconscious rules for life.   Discovering and Embracing 'Your Personal Success Formula' is a journey worth taking.  If you are one of those people that knows deep within, that your life was meant to be so much more, please go ahead and contact me for your Complimentary Discovery Session!.

Transformation Business and Life Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching penetrates the very core of our issues using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meta DynamicsTM techniques, and Eriksonian Therapy which encompass an in-depth understanding of Human Behaviour.

The Transformational Coaching process elicits the thinking patterns, behavioural patterns, and deep seated beliefs and values that are not in alignment with our version of the life we want to create.

Masterfully uncovering the strategies we employ to sabotage our lives, Transformational Coaching helps to reorient the unconscious mind to accept a new, empowered mindset that is in alignment with our true passions and life mission, on our terms.

Distance Coaching

Distance Transformational Coaching is a process to discovering ‘Your Personal Success Formula’ by ridding the old programs and fundamental blockages that preside over your life. This is also an integral support system for busy people, Mums and children or family and work relationship discord. My clients can access ongoing support throughout the month, with either a scheduled Coaching call, an unscheduled laser coaching call and Education and Life Empowerment Techniques. This approach to Transformation Coaching is integral to my clients embracing an enriched life, shaped on their terms.

This approach to Life Empowerment can be facilitated via One-on-One, Skype, Mobile Phone email and other related technical sharing.

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