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Kerry McDonald

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Jsarnee Professional Counselling

What ever your situation is, it is important that you know that you do not have to labour over difficulties alone, there is assistance at hand.

Jsarnee Professional Counselling


Grief & Loss Counselling

Although grief is most often associated with the death of a loved one, the difficulties related to grief can occur as a result of experiences such as the loss of a close relationship, the loss of a treasured item, the loss of employment, the loss of health or of a beloved pet. Grief can be expereinced as a result of any circumstance that gives rise to a sense of lack and loss.  

During times of grief, we may feel very alone and lost, in fact many individuals within our community have experienced great loss and have unfortunately not been able to grieve their losses in a way that is truly meaningful to them.

The expereince of grief can look very much like, and be mis-diagnosed as Depression.  However with that incorrect diagnosis comes the possibility of being prescibed anti-depressants, which do nothing to assist an individual's grief experience.  Consequently when this happens there is no genuine acknowledgment of the grief experience, nor any true healing that is so essential to our emotional well-being, and needs to occur after experiencing this very human and normal grief process.  

Grief is a journey that doesn't have to be travelled alone.


General Counselling

Difficult past experiences can take their toll on our lives, impacting on our ability to make the most of the new opportunities that may arise, or hinder us from taking enjoyment from our every day life experiences with freinds and loved ones. 

Sometimes ongoing concerns may play on our mind.  It may be that we fear that there is something wrong with us, or that we are the only ones that are having these types of difficulties.  It is important that you know that you are not alone, and that although your life experiences may be unique to you, you are a normal human being dealing with a situation that may be abnormal. 

Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness, it actually shows a great deal of strength. 

You don't have to do it alone, speaking with someone who can offer you confidentiality, empathy and compassion in supportive and affirming counselling environment can positively benefit your current situation.

I can provide assistance in areas such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  • Trauma & Phobia recovery
  • Low Self-Esteem


Nutritional Counselling

What is it that you want to achieve?

With that thought in mind it is also important that we are aware that the foods we eat can either be our most powerful form of medicine, or our slowest form of posion.

Are you dealing with what you think are annoying minor problems such as heart burn, indigestion, skin rashes or irritations, fatigue or after meal energy lack, joint stiffness, or anything that you are putting down to just getting older.  Chances are the foods you are choosing to consume are a primary cause of these situations and more. 

It is possible that even foods that you are told are healthy for you may be impacting your health and vitality.    

There is an ever increasing body of research that also tells us that nutrition is not only important to our physical health and well-being but is also vital to our mental and emotional well-being.

You may be aware of various advertisements recently on the television explaining to you how important your microbiome is to your health.  For 5 plus years I have been providing presentations and teaching individuals about the importance of the microbiome and our digestive health.  

I have been showing individuals and groups how to develop simple delicious foods that will enhance your profile of essential microbial flora and in turn will bring benefit to you, through improved immunity and gut function.      


Rewind Technique for Trauma & Phobia Recovery

The Rewind Technique is a safe, non-intrusive, and gentle process in which you do not have to keep running through the trauma continuously, which can be highly traumatic in itself.

The Rewind Technique allows the Client to reprocess the traumatic and distressing memory in a relaxed and calm manner, it is a simple process and the Client can begin to experience relief very quickly with the possibility of beneficial results being experienced after just one session.  


Delta Wave Therapy

Delta Wave Therapy is a new Psycho-sensory Therapy which offers benefits for a variety of problems such as chronic pain, phobias, panic attacks, and various traumatic experiences.  

With a high success rate this therapy modality is also non-intrusive in that you do not have to keep verbalising the traumatic event.  The practitioner uses one of the brains slowest frequencies, being the Delta waves, along with appropriate sensory distraction techniques designed to down grade traumatically encoded memories which have been created within the "fight, flight, freeze" mechanism of the brain.  


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