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Proserpine QLD 4800

Servicing area: Proserpine, Whitsundays, Coalfields, Bowen Queensland

Autism spectrum disorders Fitness Herbalist ...
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Since 1988 I have been combining classic Naturopathic knowledge with the latest scientific findings to provide the individual with the best personal constitutional diet, individually compounded herbal remedies and treatment plan. NO Generic treatments here, just unique treatment plan for the unique individual YOU.

June Gobbos ND Natural Health Professional

Senior Fellow Member of the Society of Natural Therapies and Research.

Understanding that different people have different needs and that one size does NOT fit  all.

Working with your general practitioner or specialist we can obtain the best treatment plan for you, your family and friends in order to optomise your health.

Services I offer you.

Naturopathic assessment utilising

  • Iridology photos and constitutional diets
  • Dietary and life style anaylsis
  • assessment of body structure and signs
  • previous and familial health assessment
  • tongue, fingernail and facial diagnosis
  • food intolerance testing
  • heavy metal testing
  • zinc test
  • GI Map DNA stool analysis
  • Bach Flower remedies
  • Canine Massage


With our knowledge of epigenetics (that is the ability to down regulate or up regulate gene expression) you don't have to have the health issues of your parents or grandparents.

Using Iridology assessment I can show you what to eat and the lifestyle options you can choose so that you can help avoid expressing those negetative genes.

And as a medical herbalist I compound herbal formulas tailored to your individual needs.

Using Bach Flower Remedies we can address the emotional needs. 

Dealing with a neurological condition myself I fully understand the nervous system and the pain it can bring

Who can benefit from my services?

Anyone wanting better health outcomes for themselves,  family and friends.
These include:-

  • pain reduction and management
  • chronic fatigue 
  • natural fertility
  • detoxification and weight loss programms
  • children's health including autism spectrum disorders, allergies, asthma, ADHD, obesity and reoccurring infections. (Remember children are our future so give them the best gift in the world- HEALTH.
  • mental health issues
  • healthy pets

So what are you waiting for? You too can be the person you want to be, so come and see me so you can have the best health outcomes for you and your family and friends.

Available for corporate functions as well.

Gift vouchers available.

Qualification details


  • 5 May 1986. Certificate of The Silva Method .
    Self Management Seminars Pty Ltd.
  • 10 June 1986. Certificate of Swedish Massage.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 21 November 1986. Diploma of Therapeutic Massage.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 21 November 1986. Certificate of Proficiency, Iris Diagnosis.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 21 November 1986.Dipolma of Herbal Medicine.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 5 December 1986. Certificate of Bach Flower Remedies.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 8 April 1987. Level 2 Certificate Tai Chi.
    Australian Academy Of Tai Chi.
  • 1 June 1987. Certificate Of Behavioral Therapies.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 22 October 1987. Phase 1 Feldenkrais Program.
    The Queensland Feldenkrais Association.
  • 10 December 1987. Diploma of Homoeopathy.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 12 December 1993. Post Graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicine.
    Southern Cross Herbal School.
  • 13 January 1988. Beauty Therapy Diploma.
    Academy of Beauty Therapy & Aesthetics. Nerang.
  • 10 December 1988. Diploma of Naturopathy.
    Academy of Natural Therapies, Gold Coast
  • 11 March 2003. Certificate Traditional Thai Massage.
    The Siam Thai Traditional Massage School.
  • 13 August 2004. Certificate of White Light Essences. Coolum.
  • 21 Aug 2005. Cert. iv Assessment and workplace training.
  • 14 Feb 2010. Iris Essentials. Coolangatta. Integrated Iridology.
  • 14 April 2010. Iris 1. Coolangatta. Integrated Iridology.
  • 26 June 2010 Iris 2. Coolangatta. Integrated Iridology
  • 26 September 2010 Iris 3. Coolangatta. Integrated Iridology
15 November 2018 Canine Myofunctional Therapy NCTM 3 February 2020 Reiki Teacher/Master 31 May 2020 Mindfulness Master

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June Gobbos ND Family and Friends Health Clinic Whitsundays