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Karen Adès

Karen Adès

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Whether you’re planning a pregnancy, trying to conceive naturally, thinking about IVF or perhaps already expecting, Karen provides Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve fertility, prepare for conception and protect your health and wellbeing at this exciting (and sometimes anxious) time

Karen Adès - Fertility, IVF Support and Pregnancy Care

Focus areas

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Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture works to maintain you and your baby’s optimum health throughout your pregnancy. Acupuncture is ideal because it offers drug-free relief from common (and not-so-common) issues that sometimes arise during pregnancy. Nausea, fatigue or back pain are not just a part of being pregnant and acupuncture can effectively treat these conditions and many others, offering you improved quality of life.

NOTE: Karen is an ancillary care provider during pregnancy. The primary health provider during pregnancy is your obstetrician, midwife and/or general practitioner. As an ancillary health provider, Karen is dedicated to collaborating with your doctor or midwife to provide you with the best care possible.

Karen is experienced in the treatment of::

  • spotting, bleeding, threatened miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage

  • nausea, vomiting (hyperemesis gravidarum, excesss saliva, acid reflux, indigestion, belching, constipation

  • urinary tract infections

  • varicose veins, haemorrhoids

  • fatigue & exhaustion

  • sciatica, back, shoulder, & neck pain, carpal tunnel

  • pregnancy induced hypertension / pre-eclampsia (in conjunction with medical supervision)

  • anxiety & depression

  • itching (PUPPS, PEP, Papular dermatitis)
  • oedema, swollen hands, feet, ankles
  • anaemia

  • small-for-date babies

  • insomnia, restless legs

  • placenta previa management
  • breech & posterior presentation (non-invasive, painless treatment)

  • pre-birth / labour preparation

  • education in acupressure for labour and birth

  • labour encouragement for at-term or over due babies

  • post natal Mother Warming, increasing milk supply, mastitis, caesarean section scar tissue, anxiety

Preconception Care

Karen can prepare you a tailored health plan designed to optimise your health and fertility, in turn promoting a healthy conception and an optimal internal environment for pregnancy. Consultations give you and your partner an opportunity to develop a Preconception Health Plan that addresses your specific needs, in addition to the general needs of men and women planning to conceive.

Pre-Conception Care can be of benefit if you:

  • are over 30 years of age

  • have been on the contraceptive pill for 3+ years
  • have a history of short, long or irregular cycles
  • have painful, heavy or clotty periods
  • have very light and short periods
  • work long hours or have a stressful job
  • feel stressed, tired, rundown or otherwise unwell
  • are about to undertake Assisted Fertility / IVF treatment.

Fertility Treatments

Karen can devise and deliver a tailored Fertility Treatment plan to address you and/or your partner's specific fertility issues. Chinese Medicine has a long history of treating both male and female infertility and clinical research has demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine on infertility.

Karen is experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled in providing acupuncture to directly support IVF, IUI, ICSI and other Assisted Reproduction treatment. She previously worked as a Senior Practitioner at The Acupuncture IVF Support / Pregnancy Clinic, directed by Jane Lyttleton. Clinical research has demonstrated the positive effects of acupuncture on IVF outcomes and Karen closely follows the research and developments in this field.

Male and Female Fertility, IVF / Assisted Reproduction acupuncture for: