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Calming Nature Therapies

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Calming Nature Therapies - Energy Healing & Reiki

If you are searching for tranquillity, balance and peace then this is the right place for you to be in. Reiki is able to provide you with those things and a whole lot more! It is universal energy that is able to unblock your chakras and to realign balance within your body. Allow me to assist you to develop greater inner awareness about what is truly going on in your body.

When to consider a Reiki treatment?

    • Are you in pain, feeling ill, or in distress and looking to help you to cope with your situation?

    • Does everything feel ‘a little too much’ at times?

    • Are you feeling anxious or low?

    • Would you like to discover new ways to recharge and to develop peace of mind?

What to learn more about Reiki?

    • I provide Level 1, 2 and Master training; 1-on-1 training or as a group throughout weekend workshops throughout the entire year for adults and children. 
    • Book in appointments today and experience this amazing healing practice.

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Calming Nature Therapies