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Leslee Hughes

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Get your life back on track and move forward with Core Energetics Psychotherapy.

Core Energetics

Servicing area

Tumbi Umbi & Annandale

Focus areas

Grief Love Trauma release Physical health Stress management Guilt

Core Energetic’s 83 years of scientific research has produced the most powerful, in-depth personal change system on the planet.

Over 85,000 people have benefited from this profound modality. It really works!

Core Energetics is a dynamic and creative way to find answers for your life, resolve deeply held issues and beliefs and enables you to get energized, focused and grounded. This allows for healing on an Emotional, Physical and Relationship level.

It is a BODYMIND therapy and evolutionary process that helps you to live in the present moment, focused and allowing your authentic self to emerge, who are we without our mask and defences?

The techniques include a unique combination of characterology, psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy. This is on the cutting edge of therapeutic dynamics.

Core Energetics is based on the solid foundation of psychology. Core Energetics includes but goes beyond effective therapy to healing the root causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, relationship crisis, business and financial challenges and works with a complexity of physical illnesses (somatics).

Core Energetics also gives you a deep understanding of your day to day struggles in this ever-changing world.

Why work with the body in Core Energetics body psychotherapy?

Core Energetics Therapy and Leslee's Story

Leslee participated in the very first training here in Australia and was privileged to have experienced the very best teachers in Core Energetics, starting with none other than the founder, John Pierrakos and continuing throughout her 5 years of training with the most senior teachers from all over the world whose depth of knowledge and experience was exceptional.

As a passionate leader, Leslee inspires others on their journey to wholeness. Core Energetics enables Leslee to read your body character-revealing personality traits, challenges in life and health, strengths and weaknesses and barriers to the capacity to love and be loved.

“You are not your past it is only an opportunity to create your Future.“

Leslee Hughes

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