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Leslee Hughes

Leslee Hughes

8 Eric Malouf Cl
Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

Servicing area: Tumbi Umbi & Annandale

Leslee Hughes

Get your life back on track and move forward with Core Energetics Psychotherapy, trauma resolution & trauma and stress releasing exercises.

Core Energetics, Trauma Resolution & TRE

Core Energetics/Psychotherapy

Core Energetics is a dynamic and creative method of finding answers and resolving deeply-held issues from past to present. It can help you feel re-energised, focused and grounded in the present moment.

83 years of scientific research has led to the creation of a powerful, in-depth personal change system. Core Energetics Techniques encompass a unique blend of characterology, psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy.

Core Energetics is based on psychology’s solid foundation, going beyond to heal the root causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, relationship crisis, business and financial challenges.

Leslee has received training from the masters in this field and has been integral to establishing this modality in New South Wales.

Trauma Resolution

Trauma touches everyone and can occur via bullying, violence, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, lack of love and connection to parents, ongoing difficult life situations, accidents, war, drought, surgical procedures and other life threatening events.

In the aftermath of trauma, our symptoms and difficulties reflect how we attempted to adapt to the circumstances that were beyond our control:

  • depression to cushion us against disappointment and overwhelm; hyper vigilance to stand guard over ourselves
  • shame to increase our compliance and dampen anger

Enduring responses to trauma result not only from fear and helplessness but from how our bodies interpreted those experiences.

Trauma resolution assists the body to regulate and return to a place of safety and groundedness, helping each individual to establish emotional autonomic stability, safe in the here and now, being treated with respect and mindfulness of each individual’s journey.

Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises (TRE)

"TRE is a revolutionary approach that deliberately uses the body’s own innate process of involuntary shaking and tremoring in a safe and controlled way to physically release the effects of chronic stress and unresolved trauma including PTSD.

As the process uses a series of simple exercises to invoke tremors that are then able to be self regulated, it does not require talking about or recalling past events and does not require the ongoing assistance of a therapist for the vast majority of people, meaning the process can be used on your own on an ongoing basis to support and enhance other approaches."

- Richmond Heath - TRE Australia

Leslee had the privilege to work with David Bercelli and experience the benefits of TRE first-hand.

“This model so compliments the work that I do as a body psychotherapist, I am excited to be adding this too my practice, it is a model that is very, safe and liberating as a client to feel the subtle shifts releasing old tension and trauma and really helping with regulating your life and shaping new memories within your body cells.”

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