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Listen 4 Life Learning Centre

Harry Armytage

Sydney City NSW 2000

Servicing area: ACT/NSW

Listen 4 Life Learning Centre

Integrated Listening components (iLS) help with adding vision, coordination, balance, sequencing and problem solving skills.


Listening Programs

Building the brain with music

iLs programs are at the cutting edge of delivering effective sensory programs for those with performance or learning deficits. They offer the listening and sensory-motor stimulation require by many of those with learning difficulties. These programs are specifically designed to enhance levels of concentration, learning attention, communication, organisational skills and memory.

By bolstering the integration of all the senses, they will build and develop the capacity to prosper in the average noisy workplace or classroom. Integration also develops hand-eye coordination so important for sport and writing.

iLs programs are available for use at school, in the clinic or even in the convenience of your own home. We are able to incorporate visual tracking and microphone work to address expressive and visual language deficits. Programs are specifically set up to concentrate on causes of dyslexia or weak literacy.

Programs utilise audio expertise of Dynamic Listening Systems with the movement and visual expertise of the Lucy Miller at the STAR centre in Denver. Incorporates the clinical experience of thousands of clients across Australia and the USA.

  • In-Clinic Programs

  • At Home or In-School Programs

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