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FAQs About Colour Therapy Courses

How does colour therapy heal?

Each colour stimulates a specific chakra in the body which corresponds to certain organs or glands, to balance the energy that flows within them. Regulating all the chakras in the body will correct imbalances and restore health.

What is the most therapeutic colour?

All colours provide an array of health benefits, but green is touted as the most therapeutic shade. Dubbed the colour of nature, this shade stimulates the heart chakra to relieve stress, improve vision and boost the immune system.

What colours bring positive energy?

Yellow is associated with positivity and happiness. This bright colour supports the nervous system, improves scar tissue and reduces the severity of diabetes.

Is blue a good living room colour?

Yes, many homeowners use the colour blue in their living room because of its soothing effects. This colour regulates the throat chakra to address conditions that are linked to it such as asthma, headaches and high blood pressure.

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