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Kinesiology treats the whole person, helping you to piece together the puzzle


Servicing area

ACT, Online Telehealth for GP and Naturopathy

Focus areas

Autism spectrum disorders Arthritis Cancer management Disabilities Feeding Heart disease

'Talk' to your body - What it has to say may surprise you

With Kinesiology, you are able to access a direct line of communication to your body, mind and Spirit. Using a gentle technique of muscle integrity testing your body can 'talk' to you and let you know what's really going on.

Putting all the pieces together

Kinesiology treats the whole person, helping you to piece together the puzzle. A session will explore what is happening structurally (anatomy), physiologically (function, hormones), nutritionally, emotionally, mentally, environmentally, energetically and spiritually.

You can have a Kinesiology session for a specific issue or you can just come in for a re-balance either way you will leave feeling great.

Restoring the Balance

Each session may include gentle balancing techniques such as acupressure and meridian work from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra healing from Indian Yogic tradition, specific body movements and structural corrections, flower essences, essential oils, sound therapy, colour therapy and crystal light therapy to name a few. It is gentle, safe and not painful.

Who Will Benefit From Kinesiology?

That's an easy answer - everyone! Kinesiology is suitable for infants, young children, teenagers, adults and seniors. If you are a mother coming to work on recovery after birth, help with breastfeeding or any other issue in the months following pregnancy, please feel free to bring along your newborn as we can all work together.


As Kinesiology is truly holistic, it can help with any issue. To give you some idea, it can help:

  • lower your stress or anxiety levels;
  • balance your hormones;
  • fertility & pregnancy support;
  • healing after labour & birth, on all levels;
  • enhance your immune system;
  • piece together your emotions and find peace within;
  • understand your mental patterns and thought processes;
  • relationship issues and social challenges;
  • find out what triggers your depression and help you move through it;
  • enhance your learning & memory abilities, improve coordination, gain
  • confidence with; pubic speaking – what happens to you under stress?;
  • manage pain;
  • manage muscular & nervous disorders;
  • balance you to food intolerances and clear your digestive system;
  • stimulate your energy throughout the day;
  • find out why you may not sleeping well and what you can do for a better
  • night's rest, and;
  • work on lifestyle, goals & well-being.

You will learn a lot about yourself and be taught techniques to support your own well-being.

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